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traxman25 11-14-2011 07:21 AM

96-02 4Runner Front Plate Bumper!
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So I know it's not a Tacoma but I thought you guys may still be interested to see what's going on around 4xI.
  • Made in America
  • and 3/16 High Grade American Made Steel
  • Complete Bolt On Bumper, no modifications required to install
  • 10 mounting points
  • Ultra heavy duty D-ring shackle recovery points
  • Integrated winch mount for any standard 9500lb or less winch
  • Internal support system for maximum strength
  • Unique front winch access holes for easy winch clutch and control socket access
  • Winch drum view port above winch drum
  • Internal winch hook storage location
  • Internal D-ring shackle storage location
  • Hi-Lift jack lifting point with anti-slip griping lip
  • Mounts with factory and aftermarket skid plates that use factory mounting location
  • Light and antenna mounting holes predrilled
  • New turn signals included
  • Mounts for standard 4 inch driving lights Included
  • Rigid Industries Dually LED offroad driving lights available
  • 2 bend stinger optional
  • Most holes and ports are optional, pick and choose for that custom bumper you've always wanted!
  • Save $$ when you order a Front and Rear Bumper combo pack!

You have been searching high and low for a new front bumper for your Toyota 4 Runner but now your search is over! 4x Innovations is proud to manufacture the highest quality front plate bumper available for your third gen 4Runner. From the ground up this plate bumper has been engineered for strength and convenience. A single piece of metal forms this bumpers mounting system and winch plate, using 10 factory bolt holes on the front and sides of your frame, providing superior mounting strength. Welded directly to this mounting plate are two high strength recovery shackle points that are also locked directly into the front face of the bumper. Most standard winches 9500 lbs and below without an integrated solenoid pack will fit directly to this bumper. To protect your winch hook and cable an integrated internal winch hook loop is provided. When the time comes to use your winch you have easy access to the clutch and control cable connections through the unique front access holes. If you need to lift the front of your truck you can use one of the two built in Hi-Lift jack locations with integrated anti slip lip.

Internal mounts for 4 inch driving lights come standard. Install your own or upgrade to Rigid Industries Dually LED offroad driving lights, available from 4x Innovations. Holes are predrilled for two additional driving lights in front of the grill. Had enough? Well we also give you a predrilled CB antenna mounting hole on the driver and passenger corners so you can choose which to use. Replacement turn signals are included.

Bumper ships as a straight bolt on unit, you will not need to modify your truck in any way to fit this bumper. However some small sheet metal tabs can be cut off to improve aesthetics. Mounts with factory hardware. Bumpers are $731 - less TW discount -> $696 plus shipping. Use coupon code tacomaworld5 for 5% off
Are you running a 2 inch body lift? We can build your bumper to fit that 2 inch body lift for $799 - less TW discount -> $764 plus shipping

Click here for more information and to place your order today!

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JLee 11-14-2011 07:27 AM

Looks good and as always great price :thumbsup:

traxman25 11-14-2011 07:32 AM

Thank you.

BTW before someone asks, YES this is an indication of what is to come (very soon) from 4x I. Hint, Hint.

SoCaltaco65 11-30-2011 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by traxman25 (Post 4028644)
Thank you.

BTW before someone asks, YES this is an indication of what is to come (very soon) from 4x I. Hint, Hint.

2nd gen Plate bumpers, I see you have them on your site, any other pictures you may have and can share?

traxman25 04-23-2012 07:04 AM

There are 6 photos and a full feature list on our website . I'll be starting a new thread and doing the press releases later this week. Give me a call if you have specific questions.

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