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Taquito401 04-11-2012 01:02 PM

Hey all,I'm looking to keep a stock quality ride with a front spacer lift. Seems most of you feel that with spacers alone, the front end hops more than is comfy. But don't the front spacers sit on TOP of the strut without compressing the spring? How do the spacers make your front ride crappy? Soooo, looking under the front of my truck ('11 base 2dr) it looks like I have a large coil,and I'm assuming inside that there is a mono tube shock? And those 2 together are a strut ? (because it bears weight?) ? So to smooth out the front ride with a spacer lift, will longer-than-stock Bilstein HD shocks make a difference? Or do I need new coils to do that,or both? I'm not stupid,just new stuff to me... If anyone has time to school me,I appreciate it!

Joels98taco 04-15-2012 11:47 AM

the way the spacer pushes the lca down gives it an angle the shock isnt made for therefore making it slightly stiffer as the suspension compresses. kinda binds the top plate i guess. everyone i have seen upgrades to the hd bilstiens but ill let them chime in

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