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2TRunner 08-07-2012 05:34 PM

DIY: 05+ 5 Lug Front Brake Pads
2005+ Toyota Tacoma 5 Lug
Front Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement

Pretty simple jobbie.


I set about to do this using mainly hand tools. The average guy who's doing this in his garage may not have access to pressurized air. I used what is pictured above. I did use air when taking wheels on/off.

-21mm socket (For Wheel Removal)
-17mm socket
-14mm wrench (Gearwrench ratchet wrench is great here)
-Wire brush
-Whiz Wheel
-Medium Screwdriver
-1/2 Breaker Bar/Ratchet
-Large Channel Locks
-Smaller Channel Lock-type pliers (I used Knipex)

-Can of brake cleaner
-Tube of Silicone brake lubricant.

I chose "premium" pads and rotors. Rotors are more heavy duty than an economy rotor. Went with them since I'm running the 30's and to get a little better overall stopping power.

-Centric "Black" Rotors
-Centric Ceramic pads

The Prep:
-Chock rear wheels
-(Optional: Place truck in "N". This will allow you to move the wheel/rotor/hub for better access to bolts.)
-Raise front of vehicle. Rest on jack stands
-Remove loosened lug nuts, remove wheels.

The Job:

-Remove the 2 14mm bolts that anchor caliper to bracket. Black arrows in pic. Caliper can be laid on top of the UCA then. The 14mm bolts thread into the slider pins. Each pin has a larger portion where the 14mm bolt threads into. Sometimes when loosening or tightening the caliper to anchor bolts, the pins will spin with the bolt. Use a small pair of channel lock type plier to hold the pin in place while removing/install the bolts.

In the 5th and 6th pictures down, you can easily see the portion of the slider pin where the bolt threads into. A wrench is ment to placed there...or channel locks...whatever is closer.

-Retract caliper piston using large Channel Locks. Open them wide enough to grasp the piston and the backside of the caliper and apply steady pressure. Piston will retract into the bore.

-Remove the 2 17mm bolts that hold the bracket to the steering knuckle. Black arrows in pic. (Nevermind my tubby co-worker Mike in the background)

-Like to hit things? This is your chance. If the rotors are stuck on you'll have to hammer then off. Mine were. I ended up attacking from the backside of the rotors. Good solid blows, nothing he-manish. May have to spin the rotor, hit it, spin rotor, hit it, rinse, repeat until off.

-This is the hub. It's all rusty and crap. Clean it off and put some lube on it so it's not so shitty next brake job.

-Cleaned and lubed.

Taking care of the brackets:

-Take the caliper bracket to your bench and clean it all up. Remove the hardware and with a wire brush, clean the grooves, clean the hardware.



-Reinstall the hardware and then lube. I squirt a little lube out and use a brush to coat the hardware. Good even coverage.

-Also remove the slider pins. Clean and Lube those. They tend to get rusty.

Back Together:

-Remove rotor from packaging. I place the rotor on backwards first to clean it, then flip it over to the correctly installed position and clean that side as well. Clean with brake cleaner. I also use a lug nut to hold the rotor upright once it's installed correctly.



-Insert and tighten bracket to knuckle bolts.

-Install new brake pads and lube each pad. These brake pads did fit perfectly. With lesser quality pads you'll get some that don't fit into the brackets properly and some modding is then required. None of that with these.

-Install and tighten the caliper to anchor bolts.

Final Touches:
-Place wheel(s) on truck.
-Install lugs, tighten snugly.
-Lower truck back to ground.
-Break in pads with several "normal" stops from about 30 mph.

The old stuff:

Pads were a heavy 3mm, light 4mm on friction material left. Not really a "close call" kind of repair, but they were getting close enough to start bugging me.

No reviews or unwavering comments yet. I drove around the block to break them in a little and then drove home.

Midnight Drifter 08-07-2012 05:53 PM

Looking forward to this one, for sure! :D Hopefully you've got pix of the pads themselves since there seems to be confusion in my work's parts catalog over which pads fit what spec.

2TRunner 08-07-2012 07:35 PM


Rich91710 08-07-2012 07:56 PM

Subbed for reviews

2TRunner 08-07-2012 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by Midnight Drifter (Post 5503709)
Looking forward to this one, for sure! :D Hopefully you've got pix of the pads themselves since there seems to be confusion in my work's parts catalog over which pads fit what spec.

I will get a picture of the pad and it's shape/design, I did not get one up close.

Make sure all your stuff is correct...I had to tell them all this info to get the correct parts.

2.7L (4 Cyl)
5 Lug
Single Piston Caliper

Midnight Drifter 08-08-2012 09:04 AM

My catalog is not that smart, it's a pain in the ass to deal with sometimes on certain cars.

2TRunner 08-09-2012 04:37 PM


Originally Posted by Midnight Drifter (Post 5506573)
My catalog is not that smart, it's a pain in the ass to deal with sometimes on certain cars.

Sorry it took me a minute.

Not the clearest pic. The tabs that stick out on the top and bottom of the pad have little indents in the them. It makes a spot for wear indicators to be placed.


Midnight Drifter 08-11-2012 07:29 PM

Cool! Now to see if EBC has that style. If not, IDK what my best option would be :(

2TRunner 08-14-2012 02:40 AM


Originally Posted by Midnight Drifter (Post 5524811)
Cool! Now to see if EBC has that style. If not, IDK what my best option would be :(

This pad is a common Toyota/Lexus design. I'll see if I can't maybe cross reference anything for you.

The "first week" review on this pad/rotor combo...

So far, really liking everything. Honestly, the OE front brakes on the truck felt like stepping on a wet dog. They were a little squishy and weak.

Not anymore.

The braking performance has improved 10 fold. Stops are much more powerful, but they are not grabby at all. Sometimes you'll hit a brake pedal and it'll want to throw you out the windshield. Not here. Nice and powerful with a smooth stop.

I'm finding my stopping distance has decreased. I'm used to the way the pedal felt for 2 years. Felt mainly like I would brake and coast a little b/c of the squishy feeling from the pedal. I hit the pedal now, and that truck is gonna fuckin' stop. I've found myself maybe stopping 5-6 feet earlier than with the OE brakes. Couple times I've come to a complete stop at a light and thought "I'm kinda far behind the vehicle in front of me" and I'm not doing anything more than I used to do.

Even the basic brake pedal feel is so much better. It's so much firmer (no where near stiff) when you press on the pedal. It feels great.

Haven't done an "emergency stop" with stepup, but I'd feel incredibly confident having to slam on the brakes if need be. Truck would come to a full stop in a hurry.

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