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allpro 12-14-2012 04:26 PM

Enter to win a set of All-Pro's New APEX Rock Sliders!
HO-HO-HO! All-Pro is feeling the Holiday Spirit and we're in the giving mood!

We would like to give a set of our new APEX series Rock Sliders away to one deserving '05+ Tacoma! Please post a short paragraph or two about why you need these sliders. Be sure to include info about your Tacoma and pictures.

Contest ends 12/31/12, and the winner will be announced the following week to start off 2013 with a bang! $649 value.

(Don't forget, all of our Trail Armor is 15% off this month, so you can order a set now for only $551.65)

Here is some more info about the All-Pro APEX Rock Sliders, which we feel are the best on the market:

All-Pro Off Road Continues to Expand APEX Product Line with New ’05+ Tacoma Rock Sliders


DEC 14, 2012 - HEMET, CA. For over 16 years, All-Pro Off Road, the leader in Toyota off-road products, has been at the forefront in developing products to meet the needs of off-road enthusiasts. From hardcore rock crawling and desert pre-running, to back country exploring, All-Pro makes products that are proven to work! The new line of products in the APEX series is no exception. APEX by definition means to reach a high point or peak. The All-Pro Expedition Series was shortened to “APEX” because the products will help you do just that.

The latest addition to the APEX line are the new ‘05+ Tacoma DOM sliders. These sliders are top of the line, with no expense spared. With a lifetime warranty, the APEX sliders will truly be the last sliders you will ever need to buy!

Key features include:
• Full length 3/16” thick, CNC cut frame mounting plate
• Fully gusseted on all 4 legs
• Made in the USA with .125” wall DOM domestic steel
• Signature kick-out design for the utmost in body protection
• Dimple die top plates included

All-Pro APEX Tacoma Rock Sliders are completely bolt-on with our innovative mounting bracket that not only adds support to the weaker C-channel portion of the Tacoma’s frame, but also allows for an easier installation. The L-bracket captures existing holes in the side of the frame with minimal drilling only on the underside using the included countersunk bolts, for a smooth surface with no bolts exposed. The brackets are CNC laser cut from 3/16”steel plate, to ensure all the mounting holes line up perfectly and are easy to install using the included high quality grade 8 hardware. This mounting system is so strong, you can use a Hi-Lift jack anywhere along the slider to lift your truck!

APEX Rock Sliders use square legs that are fully gusseted. The legs run from the mounting points to the outer structure and are one of the most important parts of the slider to ensure a long life without the worry of bending. All-Pro uses 2” x 2” square mounting legs due to the higher resistance to bending when compared to round tubing. In fact, the square legs are 1.7 times more resistant to bending than are 2” round legs. To get an equivalent strength out of round tubing, 3” would have to be used, but there simply isn’t enough room to do that. The square legs are more expensive, but the extra cost pays off for the user for years to come. The square tubing also provides more surface area to be welded to the mounting plate, which again, just adds to the overall strength.

At All-Pro, we only use USA domestic manufactured steel for our sliders. Most of the steel tubing on the market these days is imported, mostly from China and India, at very attractive prices compared to US manufactured steel. But, we’ve realized you get what you pay for and in order to build the best product, we need to use the best material regardless of cost. We order our steel from US steel mills in large quantities called “mill bundles” so that we can maintain material quality and build a product that is stronger than the competition. By ordering mill bundles, we can specify that the tubing meets our wall thickness requirements.

Steel manufacturers have tolerances and specifications they have to maintain to be certified. However, we have found that over the years, the import suppliers push those limits to the max, so that you do not get what you’re paying for. We use .125 wall DOM, when, in fact, most .120” wall import steel only measures .111 to .112”, resulting in over a 10% strength reduction and sliders that are made from inadequate material that isn’t what it is advertised to be. So, All-Pro not only supports our own US economy, we are also giving our customers a better, stronger product while doing so.

The design and shape of a rock slider is very critical. The shape of the outer tube determines how much body protection it will provide as well as how the vehicle slides along the obstacle without getting hung up. All-Pro’s sliders were designed based on what we’ve learned from years of rock-crawling experience and numerous championship wins, which is something our competitors can’t say.

All-Pro originated the “kick-out” design on rock sliders in 1998. This design was initially ridiculed by competitors mainly because they didn’t understand its function in body protection and how the kick-out can improve the ability to maneuver around an obstacle. Today, they still don’t understand, but many offer kick-outs merely because of their popularity. However,the design of other kick-outs can actually hinder forward motion of the vehicle by having abrupt angles, and they also lack sufficient body protection with inadequate kick-out sizes. Dubbed 2-stage, 3-stage, bat wings, or whatever they’re called, they all fall short with inferior kick-outs that will likely grab ahold of the obstacle and keep you there. A kick-out design that is more gradual will allow the tube to slide along the rocks and gently push the body away from danger just as it reaches its most vulnerable area, which is the part of the rocker panel and lower cab area just before the rear tire. You want a slider that will actually slide and not one that will grab.

Another vital aspect of our slider design is the importance of providing the most possible ground clearance. Ground clearance is key in off-roading, so we've angled the outer tube upward so that you'll clear obstacles with ease when compared to other offerings that are flat and increase your chances of getting hung up.

Top Plates:
The plated top cover on the sliders not only strengthens the whole slider by making it more rigid but it also adds to the looks and functionality by covering the top surface with .134” wall steel plate with dimple die holes and the APEX logo laser cut into it. With these plates, you won’t have to worry about kids or pets getting their foot or leg caught between the tubes.


TrdSurgie 12-14-2012 04:31 PM

I want them so i can protect against shopping carts and car doors! They look cool too.

junkman 12-14-2012 04:33 PM

I have no need for them, but would love to win them!

ST3VE 12-14-2012 05:03 PM

I would like to win these sliders because I love going off road but sometimes the trails that some of my other friends with more disposable income can. I have had this truck since 2005 and take very good care of it too. I'd consider it a "gentleman in the streets but a freak in the dirt". haha. sorry.

Due to buying a house 2 months ago and planning a wedding in April there will be no mods in the foreseeable future for my truck. So when I seen this giveaway I thought it has to be perfect for me and the truck. One day I do plan on getting full skids and sliders but like I said, that isn't happening anytime soon. The truck has a good bit of cosmetic mods but nothing too drastic past the 3" spacer lift and tires. Thanks for the chance to win something great for my truck!




NumNutz 12-14-2012 05:15 PM

I would love to win these sliders. I'm a college student, getting ready to graduate and move my entire life out to California to go through BUD/s. On my way out there, I will be doing a 2,000+ mile overlanding trip through CO, WY, MT, ID, UT, and AZ. What is a better way to test out those sliders than giving them a three week, 2,000 mile beating? How about giving a college grad and military officer a break, while getting a real tough test out of your new product?

Here is the new build thread for what the truck will look like by the end of January. A set of your sliders would make a great addition.


benbacher 12-14-2012 05:18 PM

Up here in Alaska we pay an arm and a leg to ship anything like this. Ok, maybe just the arm, but in all seriousness; We have more trails than most of the continental US combined and there is so much space to roam up here that you can go out about anywhere and not see a soul for miles.

Not only do we have space, but we have rocks as well. These offer a great deal of protection and an extra lift point for extraction out of tight spaces. A set of the Apex sliders would be greatly beneficial for all of the reasons listed by the other fine members of this forum.
So what sets me apart, I believe, is that I do not have the option to drive to Allpro and pick some of these up. I can't simply order them without having to pay massive freight charges and in some cases doubling the cost of whatever it may be that I save enough money to order. And with an adorable 5 month old baby, that takes me a while! To date I have no armor mods done to my vehicle and without doing it soon, I'm going to be out of luck on some of our narrower trails.

Being somewhat responsible for revamping the AK section means that I know the crew up here, I have a solid reputation on here and can be a driving billboard for these sliders. This giveaway will in turn lead you to more sales in AK and hopefully open up a new market for you. That may seem like a stretch, but I do believe it's possible.

Plus they would look sick on the taco!!!

Looks naked without them!

Help protect Gracie from door dings and side impacts by beefing up my frame!

ironman_jon 12-14-2012 05:25 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Iíve been in the slow build up of my truck for the past 3 years. Itís come a long way since I picked her up from the dealership 4 years ago but still has a long way to go. The APEX sliders would aid me in several ways. They would combat against damage cause to the cab from rocks and other debris while out playing around. They would also combat against careless people who disregard the property of others. They would also add to the awesome look the Tacomaís already have.

This forum is truly a giving community, from members to its venders. Iíve learned, helped and been helped several if not dozens of times over the last 3 years. It would be awesome to win a set of APEX sliders but if I donít I would be happy for the person that does. They will be coming from a company that gives all the opportunity and for that everyone should be grateful.

Thanks All-Pro Off Road.

claymore 12-14-2012 05:27 PM

This is awesome^^^^^^^^^^^^^

benbacher 12-14-2012 05:29 PM

She is her mother's daughter, to be sure. Simply beautiful. Not that I'm biased.

The Traveler 12-14-2012 05:48 PM

I searched for 11 months to find the right Tacoma, then the perfect truck fell into my backyard. It's a 2010 Tacoma SR5 4x4, which was 100% stock when I bought her. After 9 months and $9673.29 of modifications, my Zombie Response Unit is well on it's way to being finished. After finally finishing my mid-travel suspension setup, thanks to All Pro Off Road's upper control arms and hardware, I'm ready to begin adding the trail armor. My next step was going to sliders and bumpers, then a bed rack, all from All Pro. You guys are local to me, and have provided outstanding customer service. I've always recommended you to my Tacoma buddies for that.

I'm 22 years old, working 60+ hour weeks and part time in school. On Wednesday, I was laid off from my company. My father was laid off 3 years ago and I have been helping my parents with their expenses ever since, but nowwith an uncertain future, I can't help them until I figure this whole thing out. My build is stuck for a while, it seems...these sliders will really be a great Christmas gift that I can't afford to buy myself.

Thank you All Pro!





cr250mw2 12-14-2012 05:50 PM

Why I need All-Pro Apex rocks sliders
Because they would look sick on my 08 Dbl cab. I have a few mods including Sway-Away 3" lift with 17" Dick Cepek DC-1 rims and Nitto 33's. I also have a K&N intake and plan on adding some front and rear plate bumpers. I wouldn't mind having a full set of body armor but it's not in the budget yet. I use my truck for everything and love it.

ProForce 12-14-2012 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by benbacher (Post 6133907)

Help protect Gracie from door dings and side impacts by beefing up my frame!

Aw man she's beautiful! Growing up so fast too! seems like just yesterday I got the text about her being born, now she doesn't even look like an infant anymore. Congrats man! Hope you win the sliders just for this :) ...unless I win them first :quickdraw: :stirthepot:

allpro 12-14-2012 06:09 PM

So many great entries already! The post with the cute baby girl wasn't fair though since you must know that I have a daughter who just turned 1:


benbacher 12-14-2012 06:16 PM

And I'm sure you have sliders to help keep her safe! She's gorgeous sarah! Can't wait til Gracie is walking around.

92dlxman 12-14-2012 06:18 PM

Hey All-Pro! I would love to have a set of your sliders to help support my family hobby. My soon to be three year old (dec. 16) and fiance greatly enjoy venturing into the wilderness whenever i can get a couple days off, and could really use a pair of these to help us get on "the road less traveled." We have done some lighter duty trails, but the fear of crushing my rocker panels keeps us out of the fun stuff.

These sliders would be a fantastic addition to my otherwise stock truck, (okay okay i did put bigger tires on it) to help us get out there and enjoy what my Tacoma does best.

As you could guess, sliders would have been very benificial in the last two pictures. If you look close, we have my fiance riding shotgun, and our dog sticking up from the back seat. My son was right next to the dog but actually slept through this section lol



MonkeyProof 12-14-2012 06:18 PM

Good luck to everybody who enters this contest!

I love my Apex sliders..I originally had Demello sliders but ditched those because for the allpro sliders just for the kickout design.. which has saved my sheet metal on many occasions.


Country101 12-14-2012 06:33 PM

I'd love to have a set of sliders. My truck is my daily driver, so taking it out and tearing it up isnt an option. I cant afford to fix it, so I end up not taking it out as much or where I really need to go for hunting. I've put the 3" lift on it when I replaced the flattened out springs. My truck is going to take a long time to get where I want it unless I get lucky enough to win something like this. I went to Rocktoberfest and bought some raffle tickets. I actually won a choice of bumpers, but I happened to have fallen asleep when they called my number. Some friends I have......They told me about it after they had given it to somebody else..... So unless my luck changes or I have a wreck/tear something up my truck isnt going to have a lot done to it.

Here's to a work in progress. Thanks for the chance, allpro.


jmg256 12-14-2012 06:40 PM

I don't have a cute kid to woo you with or anything like that...but some of those sliders would be sweet! I would use them to advertise for your company and protect my truck. I'll even follow the rules and post a few pics of my truck that I'd put those sliders on. Pm me for shipping address at close of giveaway :D




2005 Access Cab V6 Offroad 4x4

JayDirt 12-14-2012 06:49 PM


LAoffroadin 12-14-2012 07:11 PM

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Merry Christmas EVERYONE !! I'm josh. Looking to win some sliders for a present!! How awesome would that be! But hey good luck to everyone and thanks to all pro for doing this, shows how much they care about us TW friends!! I drive a 2012 Tacoma dcsb 4x4 an LOVE IT. Here is some pics!!Attachment 184962Attachment 184963Attachment 184964

Well god bless and happy holidays.

Good luck

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