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JRod4928 11-29-2012 08:56 AM

Build Your Own Dune Buggy - Need Tips (and pics)!
Has anyone built their own dune buggy? I'm in the very early stages of brainstorming and figured I'd ask TW for some wisdom :cool:

My plan for it is to off-road it in the woods, pipelines, hills of Pennsylvania, so I'm not looking for something that's extremely high speed, like what you'd see in the desert, but still has a lot of power :D.

I realize there are many tools required, and a lot of questions need to be answered, but assume that I have basic tools. Don't waste time saying, 'hey, i hope you have a welder'.... lol,

I plan on using a crotch rocket engine, or a snowmobile engine, probably between 500cc to 1000cc. mid to Long travel suspension (coilovers), maybe Independent rear suspension, and reverse are desired too. I'll probably build the frame using a pre-designed kit, or I may end up designing it myself, not sure yet.

What I'm looking for is, has anyone done this before? What problems did you come accross that you didn't expect? Where did you go for parts? Did you go with reverse, Ind. Rear Suspension, solid axle, coilovers, etc... How much did it cost? and most of all...

Let me see some pictures!

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