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  1. Any Colorado LEO here?
  2. Rookie going into the academy
  3. Opinions On Buying Used Police Cars
  4. Dumb Crook News
  5. Cop shoots off duty firefighter
  6. License plates stolen(Texas)
  7. Two CHP Officers killed on SR-99 south of Fresno...
  8. secret compartment in vehicles
  9. Law for carrying dogs in California?
  10. Speeding ticket
  11. Slow down, MOVE OVER
  12. The Truck / SUV Club (Vehicle Security) Question
  13. Speed Enforcement Tactics
  14. State police ran me of the road last night
  15. Any window guard / smooth door panel kits out there for Tacomas?
  16. Assisting an Officer
  17. Potential to be hired.
  18. Anybody dealing with "knockout"?
  19. LEO opinion
  20. Curious of what your guys take on this is?
  21. Tactical vest recommendations
  22. Male cops do you pat down females?
  23. Smith and Wesson M&P handcuffs
  24. What does this mean?
  25. Due LEOs have problem with trailers with MAINE license plates?
  26. plan to kidnap and torture officers stopped in las Vegas
  27. Interested in becoming an LEO
  28. Harrassment
  29. Sister's Car Impounded by Police- Can we get it out?
  30. Obstructed license plate
  31. cops in unmarked car follow me after public records request
  32. Want a LEO's opinion
  33. Your Thoughts?
  34. officer found not guilty on manslaughter charges
  35. Just some funny stuff I've gathered over the years
  36. Florida LEOs
  37. Correctional Officer Thread
  38. cell phone reimbursement from department
  39. Thinking joining the Police after 14 years in the US Army.
  40. Confidentiality of personal info
  41. National Police week!
  42. You run.....I bite!!!
  43. Is this the way around tint law?
  44. This could be possible.....
  45. do citizens have the right to film police ?
  46. Expired Temp tags Help!!!
  47. Washington County Ohio speeding ticket
  48. What Holster do You use on duty?
  49. Should he be fired or not?
  50. Cash Cows
  51. What flashlight do you carry?
  52. looking into becoming a fish and game officer
  53. Looking into Law Enforcement
  54. VA State Trooper down...
  55. Backup Weapon
  56. Official Donut Thread
  57. Two Santa Cruz Police Officers killed
  58. Taser question for fellow LEO's.
  59. Said goodbye to a Brother today
  60. Pocket size trauma kits are life savers
  61. police recruit shot in head during training exercise
  62. LEO in socal aread BEWARE ex-cop killing
  63. question on being a bicycle cop
  64. How do you feel about your Chief supporting gun control measures?
  65. "COPS" is disgusting...
  66. Has anyone seen this story yet?
  67. As you work tonight, please be safe. This story was in this morning paper
  68. What was the most eye-opening or biggest surprise when you joined LE
  69. Keeping a shotgun in your Tacoma
  70. CA vehicle registration card question
  71. I feel I was harrassed.
  72. How much of the following is true most of the time and how much is rare?
  73. Promoting Fitness at Work
  74. Not a LEO but brother is
  75. Opinions? I hate Jöggers in the Bike Lane
  76. Veteran L.A. County sheriff's deputy charged with murder
  77. got poped at 102. weeeeee
  78. how to beat speeding ticket
  79. LEO's in MA..serious question on window tint.
  80. Why Window Tint law?
  81. Window Tint. Any CA LE want to sign off my fix it ticket?
  82. Need the opinion from TW and their police officers!
  83. Psych test
  84. Whoops-a-daisy!! Cops burn daisy's instead of Marijuana
  85. What do you snack on?
  86. Neveda Department Of Corrections? Anybody?
  87. Technicalities....Is it true?
  88. Lost a fellow comrade today..
  89. On Duty Backups
  90. Any DNR conservation ranger/ game wardens out there?
  91. Looking for a job (Tx)
  92. Lightbar legality ? and moving vs equipment violation help (LEO)
  93. Tac holster vs. Hip holster
  94. Cop comes to my house...
  95. Tattoo Policy's
  96. Taser ? for those who carry (LEO) x26/x2
  97. Wanting to become a LEO
  98. 37 year old wants to change careers.
  99. So what's the deal with arizona road blocks?
  100. Hey LEO's?
  101. Internships?
  102. Trade basket weave duty belt?
  103. Out of control dallas cop
  104. Trying to find the right path to become a LEO
  105. anyone from spring valley chp?
  106. LEO BS Thread
  107. seniority based schedules
  108. National Donut Day
  109. Any officers from Indiana?
  110. Patch Swap
  111. Paranoid?
  112. Body Armor
  113. Why I decided that being a cop is no longer for me
  114. OPOTA certified.
  115. Colorado State Troopers
  116. New LEO! Simpsonville SC
  117. Fish and Game Wardens
  118. What is your duty weapon?
  119. Do internships help?
  120. Friend got a DUI last night...
  121. Whats your personal vehicle? (Question for LEO)
  122. When you pulled over a driver...
  123. LEOs and the military
  124. Concealed Handgun for service members
  125. Civil Service Exam: Resources?
  126. Going to take my written for LA Sheriff's on Feb 21st, advise!!! Please.
  127. In the officers defense...
  128. just want to say thank you to all of the law enforcement officers!
  129. getting closer...I hope
  130. Things like this make me mad.
  131. attention officers check out this video
  132. Glock and lefties
  133. local vs. state in MA
  134. Hoarding and driving!!!
  135. So close...
  136. CA Traffic Court
  137. Need figuring out if i have been convicted of a misdemeanor.
  138. Assaulted on July 4th(Good Read
  139. NC State Troopers?
  140. Qs for those who work LE, esp. Sheriff Depts...
  141. The truth about the UC Davis pepper spray incident
  142. Applications!
  143. Central fla hire help/advice.
  144. looking into law enforcment for houston or new orleans
  145. question to all LEO's
  146. I'm being investigated....
  147. Shooting close to my house... your expert thoughts?
  148. Costco T shirts
  149. Is it illegal to draw a penis on a car on a military base
  150. Interviewing for LEO
  151. Rant!
  152. DUI - How strict are you?
  153. Speeding Ticket - Summon To Court
  154. LEO arresting an LEO.
  155. Polygraph advice...
  156. Question for MA LEOs
  157. speed limit question
  159. Thats was a crook
  160. Legal question for LEO'S
  161. Need some LEO encouragement
  162. Law Enforcement Advice
  163. This guy is out of control
  164. never forget
  165. High School Student: LEO Help.
  166. Quick Question for LEO's
  167. Best cop shows
  168. How to write police report
  169. Tips on taking OSHP Entrance Exam
  170. California Department of Corrections
  171. Oldest LEO in U.S. retires after 63 yrs
  172. Questions for LEO's about a traffic stop
  173. The Ignore list
  174. officer.com
  175. Officer Phil RETIRES TODAY!
  176. What a day...
  177. Workouts for LEO
  178. PD Background Phase
  179. infractions?
  180. Fun ways to start a shift!
  181. Accident involving patrol car
  182. Police Officer Killed By Teen Driver
  183. .
  184. Lets see your Duty Weapons
  185. .
  186. Positive experiences with Police Officers
  187. Applying for LEO
  188. Quick decisions
  189. Driving simulator
  190. Post pics of your Work Vehicle.
  191. Funniest or strangest call you've been on.
  192. Officer Down Memorial Page
  193. Cheers to Paintdiddy!
  194. LE/Police dedicated section!
  195. passed the PA state police written exam...
  196. The Lousy Cop