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  1. building an ar 15
  2. aimpoint or eotech
  3. Anyone have a S&W PC 625-5??
  4. cheaperthandirt.com or the sportsmansguide.com
  5. North Dakota: Program matches hunters, landowners
  6. Crossbreed Qwikclip
  7. Sunday Plinking
  8. Any meat cutters on here?
  9. cobra sidewinder radiant bubble level
  10. oregon blacktail down
  11. ScoutGuard SG550 trail camera review
  12. XD9 w/suppressor
  13. This is when a AR15 comes in handy
  14. Feds crack down on buyers sending guns to Mexico
  15. Syria's worst father? *graphic*
  16. Lance Thomas; watchmaker and gunfighter
  17. Does anyone here shoot arrows with Lumenoks?
  18. Smith & Wesson Awarded ATF Firearms Contract
  19. early duck season
  20. Gun sale with issues
  21. Help me Pick an Airgun
  22. Police respond in force to SE Portland gun store -- confusing customer and staff
  23. new bow
  24. Considering buying an AR
  25. Nikon Monarch
  26. pse nova cable guard slide
  27. Here do you put your pistol?
  28. Smith and Wesson M&P 15 @ $699 - Looking for input...
  29. Anyone heard of a "FOID card"?
  30. Smith and Wesson SD40
  31. I Bought An Awesome Gun That Makes Me Feel Like God, But I Hope I Never Have To Use I
  32. 2010-2011 Season Small Critter Thread
  33. In Defense of the Second Amendment
  34. ABC News Falsely Claims “Three in Four” Guns in Mexico Comes From the United States
  35. FA layout blind, need opinions
  37. G17 & G19 High Cap Mags..$9.95 for 2
  38. What gun is this?
  39. Long Island Man Arrested For Defending Home With AK-47
  40. Something good coming out of Pheonix
  41. Awesome holster for XDs
  42. Arizona: Proposition targets any anti-hunting laws
  43. Can ANYONE Think of ANY Reason why they Would NOT Need this Gun?????
  44. Surefires
  45. Chandler man shoots, kills 2 suspected gang members
  46. got my rifle.......
  47. Pressure the State Department To Allow Garand & Carbine Rifle Imports
  48. ***Show your 1911***
  49. remington 700 sps vs. marlin xl-7..............
  50. savage 111 30-06 problems
  51. The Second Amendment: the right that preserves all others
  52. Stop the U.N. gun grab
  53. North Carolina Governor Suspends Gun Rights In Advance Of Hurricane
  54. smith and wesson 1911 45
  55. anyone have a sig P250?
  56. California: Assembly session ends, Right-to-Carry restriction bill dies
  57. What have you done to your AR lately?
  58. Philadelphia police seize guns from lawful permit holders
  59. Louisiana: Second Amendment weekend sales tax holiday is Sept. 3rd-5th
  60. just thought this was neat
  61. M&P 15-22
  62. marlin xl-7 rifles
  63. Ben Avery Shooting Facility Happy to see Phoenix City Working to Acquire Pioneer Vill
  64. would you buy this, ruger lcp
  65. WHO HAS AR'S
  66. Arizona: Gun sales rise following new weapons law
  67. Cobray Mac 11....
  68. Thinking about getting a new Tacticool shotgun
  69. he got bigger!
  70. Buck eats a bird
  71. Dead Deer Walking...
  72. Slow Motion Bullet Impacts
  73. Advocacy Group Decries PETA's Inhumane Treatment Of Women MUST SEE VIDEO LOL!
  74. My new Scope!
  75. I Feel Safer Already
  76. If you had $4000 to spend....?
  77. What would you rather have.
  78. Recommended Bow for Beginner?
  79. Congressional Candidate Robbed at Gunpoint in North Miami
  80. Phoenix police seize 50 assault rifles, 800 pounds of pot
  81. guess what i did with my 12. gauge?
  82. U.S. Government Blocking Return Of Surplus M-1 Garand Rifles From Korea
  83. Dove season opening day Camp far West California.
  84. Gun-toting soccer moms a scary thought in D.C. area, but not out west
  85. California Moves Closer to Banning Open Carry & Registering All Long Guns
  86. Dove Season Starts in 3 Weeks!
  87. Whats with the magnum calibers??
  88. Huge Local Nuclear Site Bull
  89. bow stabilzer camcorder
  90. Looking for a good fireproof gun safe
  91. Shot this goat the other day.
  92. how would i go about selling a gun?
  93. Anyone want to sell their pistol or rifle?
  94. Sig shooting academy
  95. favorite online ammo store
  96. Some of my toys
  97. New gun
  98. Delaware: Housing authority 'waves white flag' on gun ownership
  99. California Hunters
  100. buying the gf a gun?
  101. backstop for bow target practice
  102. My 21 birthday present to myself
  103. Remington VTR in 308
  104. Armed citizen posse captures wanted criminal
  105. Deer Championship invite
  106. New Gun?
  107. concealed carry ankle holster????
  108. Pistol for my girlfriend
  109. cwp and castle law question.
  110. Thought I would have been stopped by TSA
  111. Arsenal AK SGL-21
  112. Hunting in Texas or AZ
  113. House passes bill to keep creditors from taking guns
  114. How cool is this?
  115. Rage Broadheads
  116. California: Tehama sheriff challenges state's ammunition law
  117. Russian made Shotguns
  118. My new toy!
  119. Chicago gun lawsuit plaintiffs apply for permits
  120. Po Boy Trigger Job
  121. Good varmint scope?
  122. Not convinced the "Anti's" are after ALL your guns yet?
  123. Smith & Wesson M&P 15/22 as a plinker?
  124. The BEST road name ever!!
  125. Arizona: Constitutional Carry starts Thursday
  126. UN threatens Second and First Amendments
  127. Console Vault and Glock 36
  128. My wife is the BEST!!!!!
  129. Xd 40
  130. A great read for Gun Owners.
  131. air soft guns
  132. G27 trigger reset problem
  133. S&w 4026
  134. Gun permit allows quick access to Texas Capitol
  135. Sig p225 owners?
  136. What Free Men Do
  137. Let's see those hunting pics
  138. Women outpace men as new hunters
  139. Question for Arizona gun owners.
  140. Here it is: The moment you've been waiting for your entire life
  141. I ask PackerfanXD and others stupid questions about EDRs
  142. Buying Your First Handgun
  143. more trail cam pics..NorCAL
  144. My trail cam pics
  145. **have u bought rounds from them**
  146. First Handgun - need advice
  147. Chicago at it again...
  148. Draw success!?
  149. Moving with my 45
  150. What is a Sheepdog
  151. Let's see those Shotguns and Rifles
  152. Handgun Picture Thread
  153. Check out my new dust cover courtesy of tigerfan00
  154. hey hoosiertaco!! how's it going (with new bow)?
  155. Looking for a flashlight
  156. Dual Wielding AKs?
  157. Gun Shy: Four Supreme Court Justices Make Case Against Constitutional Rights
  158. 4th of July, fireworks, house work and drug addicts crashing cars at my house
  159. Whoo! Guess what I just got...
  160. Yet another reason I own guns
  161. guns for protection
  162. Dillion Aero SUV Mounted Mini Gun
  163. Sotomayor targets guns now
  164. The Brady Campaign
  165. What's in your Bug Out Bag?
  166. my first gun
  167. My latest purchase...I went 'old school' with this one
  168. Look, another High Court thread!
  169. Concealed Carry
  170. High court strikes down Chicago handgun ban
  171. 45-70 Lever Action
  172. Supreme court ruling on 2nd amendment
  173. McDonald VS. Chicago ruling later today
  174. Any Commander Length 1911 Owners around?
  175. Mathews Z7
  176. Wild Hog Eradication
  177. Why having a CPL is good
  178. varmint hunters in L.A
  179. Cheap 40 S&W Ammo
  180. Where can I buy this laser/light?
  181. How to think about your favorite firearm...
  182. Just bought a Pistol
  183. $89 Spikes lower
  184. Hi-Point 380 $135.00?????
  185. My new handgun and accessories
  186. best semi auto shotgun
  187. New Color for my 1300 Defender.
  188. Where In AZ can I go?
  189. todays wild run
  190. Beretta 92fs or Springfield 1911 ?
  191. My next mod...
  192. last day of huntin
  193. Moving back to AZ so I made a purchase
  194. Bear compound bows
  195. Statement from the national rifle association on h.r. 5175, the disclose act
  196. 2nd Amendment - False Interpretation Crowd
  197. Ruger Mk III Issue found
  198. The Anti-Gun Nuts are at it again!!!
  199. dogs running bunnie
  200. Prerunner and a Can
  201. Firearms Microstamping Bill Will Halt Sales of Semi Auto Pistols
  202. New York Adavances Micro-Stamping Bill – Help Block This Bad Bill
  203. Anyone know anything about Baikal?
  204. Texas CHL class $99 DFW
  205. Chicago: Criminals aren't only ones ignoring city handgun ban
  206. All Utah Hunters
  207. Sen. Knotts Caught Lying About SC GrassRoots Gun Rights and H3585
  208. Tennessee: House overrides Bredesen's Right-to-Carry veto
  209. 2 more days..and the results for NM big game draw!!
  210. Gov. Bredesen’s Veto of Restaurant Carry Again Overridden by State Legislature
  211. Sometimes the good guys do win
  212. California: California Assembly approves long-gun registration bill
  213. I hope no one plans to use birdshot for a defense load
  214. England: Toughest laws in the world could not stop Cumbria tragedy
  215. ATF Reverses Interpretation of GCA – Redefines “Transfers” of Firearms
  216. All you Cali people
  217. Bowfishing?
  218. Excellent Bumpersticker for us Gun Lovers
  219. Stack on safes!?!?
  220. gamo air rifles
  221. Where to keep a Full Size in the Truck
  222. Why it takes Packerfan so long to change pants
  223. The UN gun grabber
  224. Kimber Pepper Blaster
  225. Finally!!!
  226. Assault Rifles
  227. Inhofe bill would ensure off base gun rights
  228. Factbox: The M4 and AK-47 Compared
  229. Witness Opened Fire On iPhone Thieves
  230. for those who ask about my avatar
  231. Took My Boys to the Range Today!!
  232. turkey with my bow
  233. Anyone have a pellet gun?
  234. Typical stupid reaction to justified shooting
  235. U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal in Ileto v. Glock
  236. New Concealed-Gun Law Enacted in Arizona
  237. Wife started looking at safes last week...
  238. bear down!
  239. Paranoid Much?
  240. Good deal on AR mags....
  241. US rifles not suited to war in Afghan hills
  242. 2 LEOs fatally shot in Arkansas
  243. guns in grocery stores
  244. HD Shotgun Light
  245. it's been one week with my NEW BOW!
  246. Mexican President calls for curb of Second Amendment rights
  247. Daly: Chicago anticipating overturn of gun ban
  248. History of gun control
  249. South Carolina: House says OK to guns under car seats
  250. I feel like it's Christmas morning!