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  1. Need prayers for a girl killed in crash
  2. New Year's Fast - getting back into the word.
  3. On bended knee...
  4. Lemon Law Suit.
  5. Little bit of need.
  6. anxiety, depression
  7. My father had a stroke.
  8. Prayers for the Huddleston
  9. Two Weeks to Live...
  10. Prayers for Darrell Higa
  11. Prayers for Charlie G
  12. Please pray for my niece. Deadly auto accident. Critical condition
  13. just got out of the psychiatric ward ICU
  14. Goodbye Mom
  16. Prayer/Good Vibe/Support Request
  17. Forgive me but I think you'll understand
  18. Prayers for my parents marriage
  19. Please donate Ice bucket challenge money here to help cure ALS
  20. Prayers for my friends son "Bobby" :(
  21. Pa ride to conquer cancer ride
  22. Here I Go Again On My Own...
  23. prayers/thoughts for my dad
  24. Wuzzy121 Memorial Train Run 8/2/14 / Phantom Creek
  25. Prayers for my daughter, and my sanity
  26. Need prayers
  27. Help needed for a former truck enthusiast and his family
  28. Prayers and good thoughts for my father
  29. Just thoughts
  30. A classroom speech for your enjoyment-Science and the Bible
  31. Donations for my cousin!
  33. Prayers for my town
  34. Need prayers for a fellow TW'er!!!
  35. Prayers for my wife's good friend
  36. Prayers for My Neighbors Recovering from House Fire
  37. A message from the TW Staff
  38. Prayers Appreciated
  39. New baby tomorrow (3/24)
  40. Help with a family friend
  41. Prayers for a Friends Family
  42. Prayers for my Sister-in-law
  43. Lost a friend today - so long Sammy
  44. Christian Inspiration and Support
  45. Preparing to lose a lifelong companion.
  46. Prayer for my Marriage
  47. Extreme Hashitoxicosis
  48. Prayers for a puppy
  49. Health issues
  50. Friend Committed Suicide, Prayers for his family
  51. Local Young Cancer Patient
  52. Close friends brother died - prayers appreciated
  53. Would appreciate prayers and happy thoughts
  54. Prayers for my friends family
  55. Prayers for my Dad
  56. Children's miracle network
  57. God Speed Mom update
  58. God speed Mom
  59. 911
  60. WW2 War Hero Beat to Death by 2 Teens
  61. Prayers for my Daughter
  62. Lost a Friend Today.
  63. Buddy Wrecked His Motorcycle
  64. Prayers for my Wife.
  65. R.I.P. Burg.
  66. Prayers needed.
  67. Please send Prayers To Their Familys
  68. wisdom teeth removal and pain
  69. Bricks- A Big Picture Story
  70. Always wear your seatbelt.
  71. pray for my mom please
  72. Need TW's help.
  73. WA State Trooper Killed
  74. Prayers for Tornado Ravaged Oklahoma (and other areas)
  75. Good vibes, Good prayers and Hopeful wishes.
  76. My daughter has MS... please help
  77. Prayers please for my mom on her way
  78. Just some good thoughts her way
  79. Prayers for my wife
  80. Need vibes today. ..
  81. Prayers for my Son
  82. Prayers for Gabe Lyall
  83. Please Help My Mom
  84. Living in harmony with my pregnant wife.
  85. Finally! A Shot at Having My Dream Job Becoming a Reality!
  86. Friend brother rolled his 4Runner, In critical condition
  87. My mom passed today.
  88. Prayer for job interview
  89. Pray for John
  90. RIP Jay (Wareagle5693)
  91. Baby along the way
  92. Whats this world coming to???
  93. God answers prayers & he is so good!
  94. Need a few Prayers sent
  95. My Friends Busted Back / Busted Life
  96. I could use some help from TW.
  97. Prayers for BGR!
  98. Victim of Bullying: Amanda Todd
  99. need advice on my dog with cancer
  100. Grandparents memorial thread
  101. Friend totalled his truck.
  102. Waterproof Cochlear Processors for my son
  103. Today has been one of the toughest days of my life
  104. Keep an eye on your dogs
  105. 18 y/o cousin has testicular cancer
  106. Please pray for my family
  107. How do you deal with a loss?
  108. Aunt and Uncle's Home In Path Of Fire
  109. Not "Oh Well" Ministry (please like and share)
  110. Please pray for Noah
  111. Prayers for my father
  112. Put our dog down
  113. Another 4 legged friend thread
  114. "Paradise" is near
  115. I could use some guidance
  116. young adult needing help to move
  117. Missing Dog Southeast PA
  118. I could use the support
  119. Pray for my Nephew
  120. Prayers for my Mom
  121. Stuff Breast Cancer Survivors Say
  122. lost a good friend yesterday
  123. all dogs go to heaven
  124. Prayers For My Grandma
  125. Pray for Guidence
  126. Prayers For My Grandson's Surgery
  127. *Hear Say* Junior Seau Committed Suicide
  128. RIP Wilson and Rosie
  129. Stand Strong
  130. Prayers Needed: Family friend's kids
  131. Wear your lids boys and girls
  132. Wear your lids boys and girls
  133. RIP CHUCK
  134. RIP Jose Wejebe
  135. Navy F-18 crash in VA
  136. Not necessarily tough times, but could use prayer.
  137. Prayers for my cousin
  138. Aunt losing battle with cancer
  139. prayers for AC5!
  140. Do you remember your yearbooks?
  141. Send prayers to my gf's family TW
  142. Luna
  143. Mom fell and broke her hip.
  144. Rest in Peace Nik Zoricic
  145. FIGHT BLOOD CANCER!! Help by donating to Leukemia Lymphoma Society
  146. Tacoma driver in critical condition
  147. Mom's in the hospital/lung surgery today
  148. Help with the step daughter?
  149. Fuck Cancer and quit smoking
  150. Any Chemistry people?
  151. Missing Coasties
  152. Smokey, the dog, the first son and best friend.
  153. Please pray for my friend's dad
  154. Please Send Prayers this Way
  155. Prayer for my Grandma
  156. uncle diagnosed with cancer
  157. Redmond Oregon Teens Killed In Car Wreck
  158. Please pray for my Mom.
  159. Twins on the way...
  160. prayers needed for my friends
  161. R.I.P Rusti
  162. Support please, this is tough for me
  163. Please help
  164. Cruise ship sinks
  165. Piggy
  166. Chris 4x4 needs our help!
  167. Please Pray For My Grandma
  168. Prayers please....
  169. Tony Iommi Diagnosed with Cancer
  170. Pray for our pal with cancer
  171. aunt passed away this morning :(
  172. For My Mother-In-Law
  173. For my little cousin
  174. Prayer for Jim please
  175. Prayers needed for Zoie
  176. Sorry to ask
  177. Accident Kills 5 Local Teens
  178. Prayers for my family please, had to put down my dog
  179. Large fire in Reno today!
  180. Well, my campus is on lockdown...
  181. my brother got robbed...need prayers please!
  182. Mother In-Law has pericardial effusion
  183. My niece ran away
  184. Co-workers kid has a type of bone cancer
  185. Help me win a costume contest
  186. My mom was mugged last night
  187. Prayers needed for a brother
  188. Nephew
  189. If you think your weekend was bad, read this...
  190. Prayers needed
  191. Longbow, a new book, a new chapter
  192. Help from my fellow TW Brothers!!!!!! ( o Y o )
  193. Prayers needed...
  194. Unbelievable
  195. My bestfriend
  196. Scared to pray.....
  197. keep yo finget crossed for me
  198. Prayers & Suport needed after P 51 crash
  200. Remembering 9-11
  201. Brother Diagnosed with Lymphoma
  202. Mother in law
  203. 5k Run for Speed the Light to Stop Female Trafficking
  204. Prayers wanted
  205. Just a lil'Positive Mojo.
  206. I Became a Grandfather Early This Morning!
  207. Hurricane Irene
  208. Friend, Husband, Brother, and a Great Father..
  209. Fellow Paramedic/FF needs your prayers
  210. Please pray for comfort.... Tragic death
  211. My Sister Has Breast Cancer....Again
  212. Keep the family of Capt. Bowen and injured members in your prayers
  213. Honestly, I just need someone on my side right now.
  214. my buddy
  215. Dad had stroke at 3:30 this am...
  216. Prayers for my friend
  217. Support for the pig...
  218. Please read..
  219. Momma's health
  220. friend of mine returned from Afghanistan-not the good way
  221. .
  222. TW prayers needed for a friend.
  223. tacoma crash.
  224. Teminally ill girl, you can help her wish
  225. my girl just got diagnost with ovarian caner
  226. Need some prayers guys
  227. GODS WILL
  228. pray for my friend
  229. Prayers for my family
  230. Prayers for a classmate
  231. Lost a good friend last night.
  232. Prayers for my little brother
  233. 180+ dead in bama.
  234. Keep Alabama in your prayers tonight
  235. pray for Alabama
  236. Prayers Please
  237. RIP Eugene PD Officer Chris Kilcullen
  238. Prayers needed for my parents
  239. R.I.P Grandad Jack
  240. Prayers are welcome
  241. With a heavy heart I come asking...
  242. Prayers please
  243. Been a rough few weeks....Need prayer!
  244. Old Dog
  245. My Dad, Sister and Cousin
  246. My Uncle passed away......
  247. Prayers needed for a friend.
  248. co worker just passed
  249. WWII Veteran and beloved Grandad Passes
  250. Prayers needed.