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  2. Taliban exaggeration
  3. Army Boot Camp question
  4. Thinking about the Air Force.
  5. Brother in Afghanistan needs offroad reading materials
  6. Taylor Morris... Please read.
  7. Reclass to EOD?
  8. Together we served
  9. Thoughts on "Battleship"???
  10. Thank you
  11. Sticks for Troops (Hockey in Afghanistan)
  12. Fort Bragg Green Berets receive Canada's highest unit commendation
  13. SEAL Summer Training
  14. Happy Armed Forces Day
  15. Happy Birthday Coast Guard Chiefs
  16. American Flag Question
  17. Carowinds Military days 27-28 May 2012 Free military admission
  18. Free annual passes to National Parks for Military.
  19. NC, USO Free tickets to the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte, NC
  20. Ranger school
  21. any body in ROTC?
  22. Veteran Charity Ripoffs
  23. Found another poser
  24. Question about a bronze star...
  25. Military Appreciation Month
  26. Last F-22 Rolled Off Line Today
  27. Any Macdill AFB members??
  28. One Year Anniversary
  29. need help from navy guys
  30. Any Seabees, need your input!!!
  31. Any Air Force Air Traffic Controllers on here?
  32. last minute advice and a thank you
  33. Should I join the Marines?
  34. The last of the Devil's Brigade
  35. Two killed at CG Communications Station in Kodiak, AK
  36. USAF - Langley, VA area
  37. Former Coastie/Revenue Cutterman makes Badass of the Week list.
  38. Happy Birthday Josh
  39. Scumbags steal Pearl Harbor Vet's memorabilia!
  40. Any Sapper's out there?
  41. USMC Corporal's Course
  42. Met me a hero today! :D
  43. What you **want** to say
  44. Toxins in the Dust - OEF/OIF Vets
  45. can someone ident. this plane from Camp Santiago Puerto Rico???
  46. YOU GOTTA SEE THIS...Apache chopper crash Astan
  47. Help with 7.62 Designs Fundraiser for widow of Special Operations Hero
  48. FW: Free march madness for troops
  49. FY 12 SFC Promotion List
  50. PCS info.
  51. OCS Selection! Whoo!
  52. Fallen Soldier tribute
  53. VA home Loan process..
  54. Soldier's Deck of Cards
  55. 160th SOAR
  56. Kirtland AFB has best TLF I've yet to encounter.
  57. Dependants at lunch...
  58. Autozone employee RANT
  59. NASCAR Food City 500 Tickets -MIL- (U.S.O)
  60. Iran... Thoughts?
  61. Another fake SEAL on Facebook
  62. hopefully this s**t doesnt get too out of control...
  63. Thank you.
  64. Military Intelligence
  65. New Army PT test
  66. relationship question for soldiers
  67. Browsing TacomaWorld Forums while on Deployments........
  68. Montana Ski Town Hosts Wounded Warrior Skiiers/Boarders...
  69. Infantry (11B/0311) BS Thread
  70. You gotta' go out, you don't gotta come back
  71. Initial Success or Total Failure!
  72. Airborne
  73. Army WOFT
  74. No call back...
  75. Suggestions for running cadences?
  76. long drive in my taco...
  77. My Humvee is better than yours.
  78. Finally coming home
  79. Any USAF functional managers here?
  80. Prayers for our fallen
  81. Navy Tightens Promotion Times
  82. TACP/JTACs out there? Advice
  83. Another Poser
  84. Considering joining the Air Force!
  85. Counter intel marines??
  86. deployment question-Navy
  87. Considering joining the Coast Guard...feedback please
  88. BDCP program...
  89. Hey Chiefs and Officers of the Navy and Coast Guard.
  90. A cross in Camp Horno(Camp Pendleton) endorses Christianity? I call BS..
  91. Oh....
  92. Filthy and vile
  93. Specific MOS in the ARMY
  94. Air Force vs Army
  95. SFAS
  96. Disgusting
  97. question for someone in the military....
  98. If I get My Private Pilots License
  99. Someone please kick me in the nuts
  100. First Deployment...Have some questions
  101. How Iran is going to reverse military spending cuts
  102. Any advice from some Army Rangers
  103. Use 6 month old gas?
  104. Knife Hand?
  105. Merry Christmas Zac808
  106. Thanks to you all
  107. Pending PCS...Sep (ish) 2012
  108. Thoughts on Dishonorable Discharge?
  109. Pretty Funny
  110. Army medals engraving
  111. Marine Video (Funny)
  112. Air force picture of pretend dead body
  113. RIP Ret. CMSgt Robert P. Snyder USAF
  114. New York Times article about my platoon
  115. Air Force dumped hundreds of remains of dead soldiers from Dover base into landfill
  116. 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor
  117. The Wardroom
  118. Need advice from military officers
  119. Christmas In The Sand
  120. Question/Input for ALL military people??
  121. A true Warrior?
  122. Any Navy folks advance?
  123. question for all the Marines!
  124. May I Salute You?
  125. Headed west again... Wish me luck!
  126. Lets give more than thanks lets Donate!
  127. I salute you all!
  128. VETS, show a pic while in the Service..and show some Pride
  130. Tucson Marines Brthday Ball???
  131. Happy Birthday Devil Dogs! 11/10/11
  132. Profile and changing the CP
  133. HAPPY 236th BDAY MARINES!!!!!! Ooohrah!
  134. between a rock and a hard place
  135. PCSing to Scott AFB
  136. US Armed Forces Ball Cap Hat - $13
  137. "RVN" Series Starts on History Channel
  138. you have been requested to "Shut the **** up"
  139. Combat Uniforms Worn in Civilian/Public Areas - Rant
  140. July4Patriot
  141. How can I get in touch with recruiter.
  142. A & P License before i get out??
  143. Could the Air Force guys help me here???
  144. joining the military
  145. Coast Guard 1705 Memorial
  146. Deployed members thread
  147. Deployment advice
  148. Coast Guard pilot facing charges for July 2010 crash.
  149. Buckley AFB, CO
  150. Coast Guard Auxiliary?
  151. Welcome back home!
  152. Joined the Army today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  153. Waivers
  154. Military Peeps: What is your opinion of the State Guard?
  155. What helped you make it through BCT?
  156. Military BS thread
  157. Goodyear Tire Military Rebate up to $40
  158. Military Discount for Goose/Duck/Deer Calls
  159. Anwar al-Awlaki bites the dust...
  160. Goodbye for 6 months TW
  161. Just selected for Staff Sergeant (E6) USMC
  162. Air Force straight out of high school or...
  164. On a more serious note
  165. Happy birthday bro.
  166. To All Mititary personnel
  167. Marines are Gay, Get over it!
  168. Back In The States
  169. Help packing for first time on a USS
  170. Anyone join the Navy reserves or other branches after 8+ years active?
  171. Visiting base when not on duty.
  172. National POW/MIA Recognition Day in United States
  173. Spent 8 years in the Navy as a Electrician and no ones hiring WTF
  174. Bring back Jimrehgi`s thread, 9/11
  175. US Navy Diver
  176. An honest thank you,
  177. Look out Mr. Hajih
  179. Anyone here question the official 9/11 story?
  180. NWU Gor-tex Jacket Wear
  181. Defense Cuts
  182. future soldier program
  183. Post some Videos!!
  184. enlisting, joining at 25
  185. Google calls from deployed locations...
  186. Give thanks to those who give all
  187. Air/Army National guard help
  188. Even through Irene.
  189. Surviving the Cut: Who watches it?
  190. Lost Brothers
  191. "When I get back from this deployment..."
  192. Coast Guard Life
  193. Navy Seal and man's best friend
  194. Heroes at home
  195. Enlisting Advice Air National Guard
  196. Watching Hurt Locker
  197. Reenlisted Today
  198. What's your opinion of ROTC cadets?
  199. CAC reader
  200. Post 9/11 GI Bill
  201. guess what i got today?
  202. Best Military/Tactical
  203. Anyone in Germany? Specifically the Stuttgart AO?
  204. USMC Running Suit...
  205. ANG Interview
  206. Question...For the Navy peeps
  207. TDY Lackland AFB
  208. SEALS, SOAR, AFSOC personnel killed in OEF
  209. It's Official - Contract Navy!
  210. Congrats to all the new Air Force Staff Sgts out there
  211. VA Question
  212. Bridgeport, CA a.k.a USMC MWTC
  213. Army Recruiters
  214. Use or Lose Leave, How much ya got?
  215. Federal Government wants to reduce our Pension!
  216. NPQ'd 3 weeks from commission...
  217. Anyone Stationed at RAF Mildenhall or RAF Lakenheath?
  218. 3 weeks of field training
  219. West Point Cadet Dies During Training
  220. Pensacola, FL
  221. Back from deployment.
  222. PLC Seniors
  223. Happy 4th !
  224. New USAFRC Officer
  225. TACP Video
  226. Just picked up my DD-214 now what?
  227. New Campaign Phases for ICM/ACM
  228. Got selected for Green to Gold ADO!!
  229. Eugene, Oregon and the Pledge of Allegiance
  230. Hey Guys, just checking in.
  231. Any USAF Civil Engineers here?
  233. Navy question...
  234. Little known facts on Bin Laden Raid...
  235. Thinking about joining the ARMY
  236. Back from Deployment
  237. 3/5's Sangin, Afghanistan Deployment Video
  238. 3 New Navy Ships
  239. D-Day
  240. Joined the Army Reserve
  241. US Army (or Military), Pos report from a Frenchman no less!
  242. Lets see your kits(ARMOR)
  243. Maybe going to law school for veterans ... maybe
  244. It's official
  245. Post 9/11 GI Bill question
  246. Home Depot 20% Mil Discount!!!!
  247. The cost of freedom
  248. Blue Angels Too Low
  249. Paul J. Wiedorfer . Medal Of Honor . RIP
  250. Vermont Guard Honors Fallen Heroes