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  1. What do i have to do to become a pilot in the USAF
  2. Happy birthday to the Goat Locker
  3. Made it to Qatar... finally
  4. Afgh. & Iraq Toxic Dust vs RVN Agent Orange
  5. Basic Training...
  6. Big Change Leaving The Army (Canadian Forces Infantry)
  7. VA help
  8. Ft. Rucker housing - flight school
  9. any 91S on here?
  10. Questions on A schools...
  11. Osama bin Laden is DEAD!
  12. official got accpeted into the military school of the south today!
  13. Silver and Black American Flag Bumper sticker
  15. Marine FAC vs. Naval Aviator
  16. NAVY Here I Come!!!
  17. Research Paper on apft
  18. Mil spouse deployment blues
  19. ProComp or Fabtech Lift shipped to APO?
  20. what are the best jobs in the Air Force/Navy
  21. 2A3X1C
  22. Jobs in the Navy??
  23. Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center? Whos done it?
  24. Graduated Naval Hospital Corps School today!!!
  25. Oakley Products for CHEAP!
  26. WANT to go to Hickam!
  27. Military Rates in Vegas...?
  28. Corpus Christi Housing Q
  29. Promotion...whoo...
  30. Shipping to APO, why is this so "problematic"
  31. Vacations for Heroes ( for thos who protect us,care for us and educate our children
  32. Help our Military
  33. Afghanistan!!
  34. US Military language conversion chart
  35. Who Should Get A ... "Purple Heart" VOTE FOR TWO
  36. BOQ/CBQ in San Diego
  37. This is bothersome
  38. who made the 7 list
  39. Illegal Aliens pose as Marines
  40. So if I'm reading this right
  41. Military Can Be VERY Rewarding
  42. Considering joining the Air Force
  43. Registered Nurse in the Military
  44. what should be included in a recommendation letter?
  45. Japan Humanitarian relief
  46. How does flying in the Air Force Reserve work?
  47. Help This AF Couple Realize Their Dream
  48. 773 CES
  49. to follow up on my army thread
  50. Go Airforce!!
  51. lets build a military tacoma guys
  52. Please help all officers and elisted service members
  53. USAFR involvement in times of crisis.
  54. So I was reading
  55. WTF is this mess
  56. 2 KIAs - Very Sad ... Yet Inspiring
  57. Anyone stationed at Andrews AFB currently????
  58. Heart Warming Story found online
  59. Youtube Videos from Ironpusher1
  60. Thank you for your service
  61. Some helmet cam footage from the range (Mk19 and M249)
  62. Qatar?
  63. Show off your Major League Infidel gear
  64. Pararescue
  65. Got my PCS orders!
  66. Sad day in America
  67. What do yall think about this?!?!?
  68. Step Daughter On Her Way To Afghanistan
  69. Civil Air Patrol worth it?
  70. Promotion
  71. What's wrong with this picture
  72. Military Service Academy grads?
  73. Like a chief
  74. Famous Flag Raising Picture on Iwo Jima
  75. USMC decals..
  76. Help me get GS-7
  77. Columbia University heckles Vet... wtf!?!
  78. maybe joining army
  79. Been doing a little thinkin'
  80. Joining the USAF!!!!!
  81. Scion Military Care Package
  82. Anyone know of AFSCs that are looking for training IN?
  83. anyone heard of Muster duty?
  84. Orders to Andrews AFB MD
  85. Coast Guard! What's your job
  86. damn online classes
  87. i miss war
  88. Sending stuff to Kuwait (for my nephew in the Army)
  89. For you AirWingers and aircraft mechanics
  90. Army ROTC applicants..Same DODMERB problem as me?
  91. Free Bradley Manning
  92. Rep. Bachmann wants to stick it to Disable Veterans
  93. Navy Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program (BDCP)
  94. wanting to join the USCG
  95. Navy ROTC cut-backs
  96. Military police??
  97. Invisible Tanks in 5 years
  98. Wanting to join the ARMY
  99. Spangdahlem
  100. Orders to MAUI
  101. Tango Mike Mike
  102. Death of a HERO
  103. A Janitor's 10 Lessons in Leadership
  104. Major Winters passed away
  105. MFF video
  106. Officer Candidate School, reserves. Thoughts?
  107. AF Aircraft Maintenance Humor
  108. Anybody with a Tacoma on RTC or NSTC great lakes?!?!
  109. Which Reserves should I choose?
  110. Helo lands in Lake Tahoe
  111. Thinking about USCG
  112. Sr71 picture
  113. Merry Christmas
  114. want to join USMC
  115. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, Submarine Style
  116. Military Discounts
  117. Top 10 Flybys...
  118. 2011 BAH rates
  119. "Best" Special Operations Forces
  120. CIC Obama forgets Coast Guard in Afghanistan
  121. Thinking about ROTC
  122. "A Day Which Will Live in Infamy"
  123. AF CCT and Pararescue questions
  124. Space A travel
  125. Warning to veterans!!!
  126. Bumps and Bruises
  127. Graduated from Navy boot camp today!!!
  128. Military Freebie - Starter thread
  129. decorated/ disabled vet in legal trouble
  130. Navy fellahs
  131. Pretty Sweet Holiday Poem for Servicemembers
  132. Can you draw? Help
  133. probbly saved a ladys life today
  134. Why no salute to CMH Awardee from Commander in Chief?
  135. Outboard personnel stand up! Who has their jump wings?
  136. Navy Advancement...
  137. Holiday Message From Commandant of USMC
  138. Getting Promoted
  139. Debt Commission
  140. H.A.M.R. Is getting pushed...
  141. facebook places I checked into
  142. Missing F-22 in Alaska
  143. Phalanx
  144. School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike
  145. Veterans Day
  146. CFC season...
  147. Getting sloshed in Yokosuka
  148. Happy 235th Bday Marines!!
  149. SF
  150. Virtual Viet Nam Wall
  151. To the best on earth.
  152. HALO jump i did about a month ago
  153. Missing the Marine Corps Birthday...
  154. Veterans Day Perks
  155. Guess I'll post a thread on my ventures in afghanistan...
  156. largest knife allowed to carry UNCONCEALED on base
  157. $50,000,000.00 To Kill 1 Enemy
  158. Wall To Wall Counseling
  159. any active duty AF recruiters??
  160. Rules for Kickin' Ass
  161. don't ask
  162. Courage, respect and honor.
  163. Army Guys Strip a "Jeep" to The Bone and Rebuild Her in 4 Minutes
  164. Looking into Air Force OTS
  165. Rebels Love the Toyota Hilux
  166. Dubious Distinction
  167. USAF Officer positions?
  168. Blue Angels
  169. Becoming A Fighter Pilot!
  170. Scottsdale man who posed as Marine gets 7.5 years in prison
  171. had the promotion board this weekend...
  172. Army or Air Force ROTC?
  173. Camp Margarita
  174. Navy Bombs Guam With Dead Frozen Mice
  175. Anyone here gone through OCS from the civilian side?
  176. 1 week till I leave for Navy RTC.
  177. Real life X-Files??
  178. Wounded in Iraq, double-amputee returns to front lines in Afghanistan
  179. Navy or USCG? helicopter water rescue
  180. Around the San Diego Area! Come check this out!
  181. JDM Apache anyone?
  183. Russian aircraft buzz Navy ship twice in Arctic
  184. San Diego or Pacific Northwest
  185. California gun laws
  186. EAD dates came in!
  187. im goin into the army...advice?
  188. this is why i do what i do......
  189. Medal of Honor recipient from Afgan war
  190. Original Navajo Code Talker dies
  191. U.S. Marines kick pirate ass
  192. Should I display my Blue Star banner?
  193. Officer finishes years-long fight against false accusations -CLEARED!
  194. I ship out 4 weeks from today!!!
  195. Funny Video
  196. First Sargent Coin?
  197. Flags at half mast today and Tuesday
  198. Ray Stevens Tribute
  199. WWII LT Fletcher & his long journey home
  200. Airforce Reserves CCAT program...
  201. Thanks! and Welcome Back
  202. USAF 10E5 Promotion results today!!
  203. any marines in here from c co 1st bn 2nd marine reg?
  204. Jblm
  205. Euro-colonial approach to American Indian warfare...
  206. waiting for the FY11 USN CPO results.....
  207. Navy and Airforce wearing ACUs?
  208. Just outta BMT, now at Sheppard AFB
  209. Going on R&R!!
  210. Support our troops!
  211. Happy coast guard day!!!!
  212. Soldier says that rosary beads saved his life after he stepped on landmine
  213. Going Active for first time tomorrow in support of OIF
  214. My dad just retired
  215. Downed C-17
  216. !!Who has veterin plates!! and what do they look like?
  217. The final inspection
  218. Hero Dogs get second chance...
  219. Need Some Help with my Son.
  220. Military folks that hate exercises. this is for you
  221. Officials Scramble to Review Emerging Afghan War Documents for 'Damage'
  222. Ship out for boot
  223. Maybe the USAF will fit me better.
  224. Chief Select
  225. Anybody living in O.C. Shoot Competition?
  226. Military Service for TW
  227. Don't ever use a live .50 BMG round as a pin punch
  228. Usaf pj
  229. Villaraigosa Must be Proud
  230. I'm thinking about going back in the service!?!?
  231. The Additional Verses to the STAR SPANGLED BANNER
  232. 19-52 may SWE
  233. VFW / American Legion
  234. 16 of 120!!!
  235. "no better friend, no worse enemy"
  236. CG helo down!
  237. Military after College
  238. Airborne soldier recommended for MoH
  239. Ship Date!
  240. Air Force Reserve
  241. VA Hospital May Have Exposed 1,800 Vets to HIV
  242. Thinking about joining the air force...
  243. Redeployment
  244. Deploying Tomorrow
  245. USAF Security Force
  246. Jane Fonda....WTF???
  247. What is there to do in Little Rock
  248. Putin says T-50 trumps F-22
  249. Sgt - ssg
  250. Camp Lejeune Marines