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  1. Moving overseas and would like some opinions
  2. What is this thing?
  3. BA 'splosion
  4. What to do after the military
  5. Work Vessels for Vets
  6. 20 years officially
  7. TSB/recalls while overseas
  8. Military-grade storage containers
  9. A Christmas "Thank You" to all who have and are serving...
  10. Former FMF Corpsman
  11. Public Auction of De-Militarized HUMVEEs (17 Dec 2014)
  12. Navy Free Chilton Manuals
  13. Back from deployment
  14. Shipping out for the Army
  15. filmed some cool coast guard helicopters today
  16. WWII veteran, 98,You Must READThis
  17. Thanks vets
  18. Last V. N. draftee retiring after 42 years.
  19. Military Chaplains
  20. OHC: Alpha 1 Tours Non Profit
  21. Military - Signed TJ Oshie SFT Shirt - Free Raffle
  22. So, you want to join the Coast Guard.
  23. Cold War Sub Vet T-Shirt
  24. E-Mail sent to me from NRA concerning banned guns
  25. Shooter at Ft. Lee, VA
  26. Forgive me but I think you'll understand
  27. USAA members got a question on Subscriber Acct
  28. Leatherneck
  29. APO sucks
  30. Military rates on Tacomas?
  31. Ft. Carson PCS
  32. what are toy hearing about Iraq
  33. Anyone a army helicopter pilot or Warrant officer?
  34. Request: Can anyone find info about my Grandpa (WWII Vet)?
  35. To Bowe Bergdahl or not to Bergdahl that is the question
  36. My Hilux in Afghanistan (2003)
  37. Memorial Day Greetings 2014
  38. Thank you!
  39. Air Force Guys Chime in
  40. Prior service interested in Army Reserves/NG
  41. GUILTY!!! James wells found guilty of murdering two Coast Guardsmen at Commsta Kodia
  42. Anyone Ever Import a Taco to Australia? (DCSB-Pre)
  43. True Hero ,RIP
  44. Fort Hunter Liggett?
  45. Air Force berets
  47. Outward Bound for Veterans for FREE!
  48. Bringing pets OCONUS
  49. The new AR-670-1
  50. Fort Hood Shooting
  51. Internships??
  52. Navy OCS
  53. Amazing Story
  54. EAS soon and need help
  55. Power in trucks?
  56. CMP article about my friend. US Army ret.
  57. Orders to Japan, need advice.
  58. USAA's vehicle rankings by branch
  59. Need a cap for this type of jerry can
  60. Inside The Army’s Spectacular, Hidden Treasure Room
  61. Veteran Benefits
  62. Military Aircraft Videos
  64. Finally got orders to 'A' School!
  65. Any EOD guys on here?
  66. Anyone at Fort Benning?
  67. med board
  68. My Son wants to join Air Force I dont think its good idea. Help me out.
  69. Guess what everyone drives in the military
  70. Retraining into 1N0X1
  71. Air Force VSP, Early Retirement Notifications?
  72. Spartan Tactical VMP
  73. R.I.P BM3 Travis Obendorf.
  74. Military to full-time Student
  75. Marine Corps recruiting letter
  76. My sister is Soldier of the Week
  77. What can I say
  78. Fort Richardson
  79. USAF SRB Info
  80. Join the reserves?
  81. Got my first duty station
  82. AFOQT help please!
  83. US veteran made rifle sling
  84. Harris 152 antenna ?. jtacs hook me up again pls!
  85. Happy Veterans Day!
  86. 238 years of kicking ass
  87. Toyota truck "war chariot" article
  88. Hail O' Hail O' Infantry!
  89. cold weather ABU jacket
  90. Chantilly, VA
  91. Enlisting with reconstructed ACL
  92. Tactical vest recommendations
  93. USAF 2014 mandatory movers
  94. Nicholas Oresko Dead: Oldest Living Medal Of Honor Recipient Dies At 96
  95. Free Sam's club access for military (only during the shutdown)
  96. OC Spray :D
  97. How many get questioned about being in the military?
  98. Marine doing work!
  99. EngageOffRoad RFTW WarriorBuilt 2013 Baja1000 Mission Goal
  100. Camouflage designations Green vs. Tan
  101. Just completed Infantryman Training!
  102. Anyone stationed in FT Benning, GA?
  103. Just watch the news
  104. Considering Enlisting in the Air Force
  105. USAF 2013 Staff results
  106. Anyone in Camp Pendleton/Oceanside?
  107. Just Graduated Ranger School!
  108. PCSing to Kirtland AFB, what do I need to know
  109. FREE MOVIE-White House Down
  110. EngageOffRoad & RFTW (Race For The Wounded)
  111. AF Officer?
  112. US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers
  114. New Marine Corps Poolee Here
  115. coast guard question.
  116. Enlisting in Air Force have a few Questions??
  117. Which Province Do/Did You Vacation At?
  118. Shenanigans, Standing Tall, On the Carpet, Being booked, Hazing, Etc…
  119. Sales tax on automobiles
  120. No more base stickers for vehicles! WTF?
  121. LASIK/PRK through the military.
  122. Medal of Honor holder, dead at 91
  123. Any USAF enlisted aircrew here?
  124. Different ways to retire from the military
  125. military no longer under civilian command?
  126. suppressors in the military?
  127. HHC 1-167th IN Alabama!
  128. Anyone at Bagram now?
  129. Military People
  130. RIP my friend
  131. OSUT at Fort Benning Tips *11B*
  132. The VA is the best! :)
  133. Suicide bomber hits tanker.
  134. Any current Army Aviators?
  135. Military Branch Questions
  136. Suggestions for Army Boots in Afhghanistan....
  137. Possibly Relocating To Altus, OK, Any Feedack?
  138. CG High Year Tenure
  139. Great Pics, Just Thought I Would Share
  140. Any USAF CSO's here?
  141. Sound off on new movie "The Butler" with Hanoi Jane
  142. Remembering a hero
  144. Military shift knobs?
  145. SF Air Force Wyoming or Louisana?
  146. FY13 SFC list
  147. Financial advice for a young military man.
  148. Orders revoked due to EFMP
  149. Tough Mudder- Wounded Warrior Project Fund Raiser
  150. Just got Sworn into the Military
  151. Anyone in the military have a part time job?
  152. 4 years active then going to guard..
  153. Park University offering FREE tuition after TA goes bye bye
  154. Veterans to the Summit
  155. transfer disability pay - help
  156. Army, Marines cancel Tuition Assistance programs
  157. Back in the USA
  158. Dafaq is going on in North Korea right now??
  159. Ultimate soldier challenge TV show
  160. A tribute to the coolest awesomest kicka** airplane EVAR.
  161. Any Air Force Reserve pilots out there?
  162. Sailors Down
  163. How to Transfer to IRR
  164. What are my chances of getting into the NuPOC program after college?
  165. Anyone here LO in the air force
  166. Suspect arrested in double homicide of CG members at COMMSTA Kodiak
  167. TDY reimbursement for rental car
  168. Brother needs some motivation
  169. Deployment Helmet Cam Videos
  170. Active Duty USAF - Tacoma Race Truck
  171. Wanted/Wanting to join the Marines or military in general
  172. question about the air force
  173. Chris Kyle killed tonight helping fellow Vet
  174. Enlistment date
  175. women in combat/battle
  176. Getting Active Orders while in College
  177. VA Loans- New Day VA?
  178. Wanting custom OIF window decal.
  179. Army freezes hiring, cuts base ops, reduces training
  180. PCS PPM/DITY help!
  181. No More USN Chief's Initiation???
  182. Housing Info..PCS'ing to Bragg???
  183. I have a question
  184. USAF Commission
  186. DoD Buying 22 -- V-22s for 1.2 Billion
  187. Norman Schwarzkopf passes
  188. USMC: SSgt--> 2nd LT
  189. Asking for help from Military brothers and sisters and military supporters
  190. Coast guard, prior service?
  191. Veteran Work-Place Rights Help
  192. SEAL Team 6 Member KIA
  193. thinking about selling the taco.
  194. WA military tax exception
  195. How many places have you been stationed/deployed?
  196. Anyone done Embassy duty with a USMC FAST unit?
  197. PCS dity question
  198. Happy Thanksgiving!
  199. Advancement congrats
  200. Military who made rank!!!!!!
  201. Military Healthcare Professional Decision
  202. Petraeus Scandal
  203. Veterans Day KIA Rollcall
  204. A friend of mine reminiscing about his service in the navy
  205. Military Academy=Military Service?
  206. Veterans BS thread.
  207. Happy 237th Birthday Marines
  208. Going from Marines to Army/National Guard
  209. next gen Army IPFU
  210. Army ROTC Branching
  211. Coast Guard Rescues 14 off Cape Hatteras
  212. ted turner has lost it
  213. MIL EFMP Members
  214. Which branch of the US is the best?
  215. Help identifing my dad's medals/ribbons
  216. Looking for Financial Advice for Young Soldier
  217. MEPS
  218. Airforce, Air Force Reserve, or Air National Guard question
  219. MOLLE GEAR!
  220. Problems readjusting after deployment
  221. Army guys help me out!
  222. Buying Truck while downrange
  223. Trying to join Coast Guard, have question
  224. The latest sea trials: F-35B on the USS Wasp
  225. Need help from some Air Force guys
  226. C-Clamp Grip for M4/AR-15 style Rifles
  227. Libya
  228. Goodfellow AFB
  229. "No Easy Day" Book about Bin Laden's Death!
  230. Wounded warrior at the US Open
  231. any one with 25th ID?
  232. Dishonorable Disclosures
  233. Officially Sworn into the U.S. ARMY reserves
  234. USS John C. Stennis deploys 4 months early
  235. RN - first experience
  236. List Military Bases I wanna Go next.
  237. How are Toyotas maintained in times of war?
  238. Vulcan doing several fly-pasts at Beachy Head
  239. "Welcome To Hell"
  240. USS Porter DDG 78 Collides with Tanker!
  241. Universal OCS 5p Order
  242. ....Currently Deployed.....
  243. Happy 222nd Birthday United States Coast Guard
  244. Enlighten me on something..
  245. Questions concerning Veterans Affairs
  246. Shoe Creek VA Trip
  247. Any Joint Base Charleston members?
  248. Educate me on Full Body Armor
  249. How many AMMO troops here have been thru AFCOMAC?
  250. Yet another poser...