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TidalWave 09-16-2011 09:41 AM

High Speed Internet Carriers
Recently bought a new laptop, and I havent had internet at home in over a year.

I had COX high speed, and it was $45 a month. I recently received something in the mail from Century Link and for wireless it looks like it will be $36 a month. (unless I bundle which i dont need nor want a phone).

just curious what you guys use, what you like, who to stay away from. COX seemed like the best option when i first moved out here, and i always had problems with it, and the wireless router doesnt seem to work.

Chipskip 09-16-2011 09:54 AM

I use COX. I buy my own gear, instead of renting from them.

If you want the best speed from a cable Internet provider you want to make sure you get a DOCSIS 3 cable modem. Motorola Surfboard are the best IMO. They run about $85 on newegg.com. You can go to Fry's Electronics and get it for $90 or they even have one that has a build in wireless router for $140.

I get about 2.1-2.5 MB/s steady download speeds to my laptop. I am using a Motorola Surfboard SB6120 connected to an Apple Airport Extreme and connected wirelessly. That is up from the 1.4-1.7 MB/s I was getting with my old DOCSIS 2 cable modem.

Oh, that $45 plan was upped to $49.

Centry Link is DSL, so it depends on your area's demand as to if cable will be fast or not. Cable, in theory, is faster than DSL. However in the real world they are usually very close in speed.

Kyouto42 09-16-2011 10:25 AM

I had Cox when I was in Chandler with my Moto Surfboard modem. They were fucking awesome, way better than service I've had in Oregon or Maricopa City, I wish I could have them now.

Also, +1 on Surfboards. I've had mine since 2003... still rock'n the house solid. I've gone through about 4 or 5 wireless routers though, they seem to only last about 2-3 years on average before they start wigging out. Though, my Belkin N+ right now (forget model off hand) has been rocking almost 3 years with a restart maybe every 2-3 months at most? By far the most solid I've had yet.

Greensystemsgo 09-25-2011 02:58 PM

Like others have said. Cox is the best, its generally the issue of the hardware. Ill come setup whatever you may need mendy. Surboard modem is the shits bananas. As for a router, many many many options for sucess, but even more crap.

Also, century link is fiber, and dsl. So if your neighborhood was fiber, it'd be fasterm, but probably more expensive. Dsl blows, avoid it.

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