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Agro 04-19-2013 03:02 PM

'13 - "There is no microphone connected"
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I haven't touched be headunit or the mic. Just started getting this when paired with my iPhone. Tested a second phone. Same problem.

at the same time my outside temp isn't showing up in my mirror. I did take my tailgate off to have it repainted it hooked the camera back up with the same plugs. Shouldn't be a problem. These issues may not even be related, or maybe they are??

Anyone have any ideas?Attachment 207938

Large 04-19-2013 03:14 PM

Warranty work.

Side note: Did you paint it or did someone else? Reason I ask is because I'm not sure if the cameras in pre-12 or pre-13s are compatible. Maybe they got you an 11 tailgate with a camera..

Agro 04-19-2013 05:41 PM

I'm in a shitty spot.

I have a Viper 5704 alarm with remote start installed by a DEI (Viper) Authorized Dealer. It works great. Toyota this morning looked at this and freaked out. They said they saw the wiring and cannot know what the issue is because it isn't stock and insist It be removed (they can do it for like $350) and THEN they can try to determine the issue. They said IF the Viper alarm damaged the rear view camera, temperature sensor or the bluetooth mic, then I would have to buy those.

I spoke to the DEI installer and he laughed and said there is absolutely positively nothing that touches any of that. He said next week we can look at it together and see if we can find out why, but the fact that all three kinda crapped out on me at the same time, I think there may be some stupid reason. I wish there was a fuse or something that handles these?

Does the microphone in the panel above go directly to the back of the headunit, or does it go to some harness somewhere else, then ultimately that makes it to the headunit?

Agro 04-19-2013 06:32 PM

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Can anyone tell me what this plug is? It was unplugged. Top left white socket.Attachment 207958
I posted under the 2nd gen forum under a specific thread to find out. I am out of town and would love to fix this IF possible... so shitty. ARGH!

Agro 04-19-2013 07:20 PM

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Plugged it in and truck had battery removed for 30 mins

One or both fixed it

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