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TacoAg09 09-04-2013 06:05 PM

Rear Panel - 2013 DC non-JBL
Hey all,

Please direct me to previous thread if I missed it...

I just bought a PreRunner Limited and am saddened by the paper monstrosity and 230W shell-of-an-amp that came with the truck. For some reason, I really like my stuff to look and function (but not sound) as stock as possible and is like to keep the child restraint mounts. What is the easiest way to get a hold of a relatively cheap rear panel off of a non JBL taco? What I'm thinking of doing is go the stealthbox route - I've had an XD700/5 w/ 10w3-4 in a Maxima and loved the amp, but always wished the sub was tighter (I don't need a ton of bass if what's there is really tight). What does everyone think of that 10TW3 JL? Thoughts are appreciated.


Lurkin 09-05-2013 06:57 AM

Best bet is to keep an eye on the FS forum here, also on craigslist. Can also post a WTB thread as there are those that have removed them and don't need them. Shipping cost for the storage panels is a real deal breaker for non-local sales (depending on how much you are willing to pay)

As for the child seat mounts, do you mean just keep them, or keep them and need them to be useful at the same time? Most boxes, including the Stealthbox (I think), don't require the hooks to be removed, but do cover them up and make them tough, if not impossible, to realistically use.

If you just need a bit more bass, have you considered one of the smaller self-contained amp/sub boxes? Several can be mounted under the seat, or in the back storage panels without cutting them up.

TacoAg09 09-05-2013 07:46 AM

I may end up doing that. ID like to retain the storage on the drivers side, but I may just get a powered sub in on that side and swap the JBL for my JL but I'd rather power everything with my XD700/5. Speaking of which, anyone see a problem with me powering the 4 doors and the tweeters with the 4 x 75W channels? They're 4ohm speakers stock right?

Lurkin 09-05-2013 08:55 AM

You want to power the stock door speakers with the 75W channels? Yes, I see a problem, unless you turn the gain WAY DOWN, you will hear a pppphhhhffffttttt and get an electronic burning smell as they fry :-)

One other suggestion, I bought one of the Supercrewsound double sub boxes,,, cheap, but adequate. Then cut one of the sub boxes off and placed the remaining sub box and amp board on the passenger side. This left the drivers side box intact. But the sub box does cover the child hooks and essentially makes them useless unless you attach the tether before placing the box and then plan to leave it like that.

This means you don't need an additional rear panel, unless you want to trim it out to cover what the sub/amp box does not.

TacoAg09 09-05-2013 10:50 AM

Damn I was hoping for a little more strength with a 'premium' sound setup. What are the JBL doors and tweeters good to? I didn't see it on JBLs website.

I may do that with the dual box, I saw so much on custom boxes that ppl were cutting/drilling out the restraints that I didn't realize how many boxes keep the restraints intact. No kids right now but I'm afraid the wife will catch the fever... As long as I have them intact I should be fine with the drivers side one being usable for at least a few years... hopefully.

Lurkin 09-05-2013 11:24 AM

To be totally honest, I'm not sure what the JBL speakers are actually rated at. I have seen the amp though, and given the size and how OEM equip works, I would suspect the amp is only good for 15-20W, as such, I would not expect the speakers to be rated for much more then 25-30W. BUT, this is a guess on my part.

So you could use your amp, but I would be very careful to set the gains low to keep the total power down on those channels.

Not sure how much $$$ is an object, but if $$$ are good, Mr.Marv makes high quality boxes. If $$$ is an issue the Supercrewsound box is quite affordable, and if you do cut a box off, you can resell it. Personally I could not justify the Mr. Marv cost as I don't need the behind the seats section to be show quality. Adequate is all I needed.

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