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VooDoo 02-05-2010 10:14 AM

Sub box dimensions for '06 DC
Hey guys i'm looking to get subs for my '06 double cab and was wanting to build my own box to save some money. i saw the taco tunes box and thought that was perfect. Does anybody have any experience building one of these? Do you know the dimensions?http://shop.tacotunes.com/images/124...613255753.jpeg

ItalynStylion 02-05-2010 12:11 PM

I don't have the dimensions of that box; sorry.

Why don't you just measure the truck and build one that fits?

VooDoo 02-06-2010 10:32 AM

youre right but i dont want to go through the trouble of making one and my dimensions be wrong. I think it would save me some trouble if someone already had the perfect dimensions.

Tex4141 02-06-2010 10:35 AM

Naaah, have some faith in yourself!! :thumbsup: Just give it a shot and see what happens. Worst case, it comes out not exactly perfect and you learn some things along the way :D It's always a learning experience!

nuddle 02-06-2010 05:16 PM

heres mine: just finished building it today.. took me about 3 days.. 6 hours each day and with the help of my boyfriends little brother lol.


Two notches- one for the "port hole" or air release and the one farthest right is a notch for the seat.

Finished product. My word of advice is to not do what I did and forget to measure where the seat bracket is when you are going to cut out the subwoofer holes.. as you can see my sub is very close to it and it was hard to get the bolt back on to the seat.

If you move the subwoofer over an inch or 2 it will clear that middle bracket (right where the notch is) and you won't have to take your seats out to install the box.

Hope you understand what I meant. Also always check to make sure your sub box fits properly before glueing pieces together. Hope this helps!

PS sorry about my dimsension writing.. using fractions and decimals.

VooDoo 02-07-2010 08:14 AM

nice work man looks awesome!! thats what i was looking for!

nuddle 02-07-2010 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by CarterIvey (Post 1402635)
nice work man looks awesome!! thats what i was looking for!

Thanks! It was a lot of work but well worth it :)

VooDoo 02-07-2010 12:46 PM

how do your kickers sound? they slap pretty good? and are those 10"?

nuddle 02-07-2010 12:50 PM

im just getting them wired in today. My kickers aren't shallow mounts they are the regular ones. Hoping it all works out well. I let you know what they sound like after the install. But I have had them in 2 of my other cars and they are wicked. I really like them so thats why i am keeping them in my truck, definitely the best bang for your buck!

VooDoo 02-11-2010 08:18 PM

how much did all that run you? Was it expensive?

nuddle 02-12-2010 05:29 PM

It cost me about 600$ CAN in total for the subs, the box and the amp, I got the wires included for free. The box that I recently built cost me 33$ CAN for 3/4" MDF and I bought a can of textured paint for 10$.

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