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MetalMiller 11-01-2012 03:40 PM

Old boat- New Stereo, Need help!
I have an old 1984 VIP Ski boat that is in decent working condition. I have been wanting to get a boat for a while but this one came to me as a hand me down. Free is good! I would like to modernize it a little bit and add some lights and a decent stereo system to it.

First off, how do I power it? I know I'll need a 2nd battery, but will I need to wire them together, add some kind of switch or what? It would be nice to have something that I could throw a small sub into later, but if it's not economical, then I wont worry about it. Next, could someone recommend a good head unit/ speakers for boats? I want something decent, but I dont want to drop a grand into this!

Any guidance is much appreciated!!

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