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gibby0087 05-16-2013 08:38 AM

Buying a boat in Washington
Hello so I have a quick questions for anyone with he knowledge. I live in bc Canada and found a nice little 12' alluminum Jon boat and 4hp motor that would be perfect for duck hunting. I was just curious as to if the boat that size needs to be registered in Washington. I read a bit online and it said the exceptions are under 18' and with a motor under 10hp. But when I go onto the Canadian border crossing site they ask for bill of sale and "proof of ownership" , now wouldn't that be a registered title?

Dauntless 05-25-2013 10:22 PM

Hi there,
Have purchased a number of boats in WA and brought them back to BC, each time the boat was registered with a WA title - including a 10' Walker Bay dinghy with a 3hp outboard. The title with a bill of sale was all that was needed for the importation, btw, will need the trailer registration as well

Hope this helps.

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