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fj40taz 04-18-2013 01:07 PM

Tyco vintage train set complete
Tyco vintage train set complete

I have a nice little train set I have no use for anymore and would like to sell it. You will get everything you see in the pictures. The little trucks that are pictured, some of them are missing tires and stuff. Over all, all of the items are in decent shape as they have stored in a box for many years..

asking $50 plus shipping...

1 Engine

3 flatbed trailer haulers

1 light car

1 caboose car

1 box car

1 coal car

1 truck unloader station

2 truck ramps

6 trailers (one does not have tires)

2 tractors

1 power control

12 pieces of curved track

22 pieces of straight track



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