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NewMexiTaco 07-27-2010 12:18 AM

NM CL novelty... '88 LB 4seater wierdness (not mine)
*TOYOTA PICKUP LONG BED EXTENDED CAB CUSTOM CONVERSION * SEE PICTURES! - $2500 (Santa Fe/ Pecos) pic cars & trucks by owner


Date: 2010-07-26, 10:44PM MDT
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Call Brian 470-0885

I have a White 1988 Toyota Pickup Truck With Rare Long Bed (7 Feet 2 inches) that I have Converted into a 4 seater. I took the front bench seat and put it in the back after moving the entire back wall behind the bench seat. I then thoroughly sealed the space in between the cab and the bed while connecting the raised roof camper shell to the cab. All seats are firmly bolted down. I then vacuumed and shampooed the interior and installed cup holders in the back seats. I put a 1 1/2 inch insulating foam board with 3/4 inch X 7 foot boards for support and installed it on the ceiling and covered it with blue carpet which is the same color as the interior. I also carpeted the floor, and sides of the extended cab portion which makes it warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and really quiet while driving. I also added a 8 inch sub woofer speaker box and screwed it firmly up to ceiling of the camper where it is out of the way and sounds best. There are a total of 6 speakers in the truck for surround sound It comes with a cassette adapter so you can hook up your phone, MP3, CD Or DVD Player to the sound system. I thought it would be really cool to install a portable DVD Player in between the sub woofers speaker Box. I bought and installed some really nice dark blue bucket seats for the front as well as the seat belts for them. The truck does not have air conditioning but I have installed my own home made one which comes with it. It works well. The paint is a little chipped. I have installed wind deflector from the top of the windshield to the top of the camper shell for aerodynamics. The wall behind the bench seat had the rear window re- installed in it and is on hinges so when the bench seat is forward the top portion of the wall folds down and you can use the whole 7 foot carpeted platform for camping or sleeping while having storage underneath. I set it up so the bench seat and the wall and the platform could be eaisily removed in about 15 minutes so you can load wood, gravel, or still use it as a real truck. It's a camper, It's a work truck, and it's a family vehicle, all in one.


* 150,000 Miles
* Brakes all the way around changed one month ago.
* Transmission Fluid and filter changed 8 months ago
* Oil and filter changed with Mobil One fully synthetic oil last month. don't worry about a oil change of 14,000 miles.
* differential fluid changed one month ago.
* Antifreeze and thermostat changed 5 months ago.
* AM / FM Cassette Stereo.
* 4 cylinder, 2 wheel drive, Automatic, Manual windows, Power steering, power brakes.
* One Brand new tire, the rest are only one year old.

I have owned this truck for two years and it has never given me any trouble, I have only had to replace the rear drum brake cylinder, and when I did I changed both of them. This truck runs great, looks great and has good power and gas mileage for a 4 cylinder.

Call Brian 470-0885 Serious inquiries only.

  • Location: Santa Fe/ Pecos
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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