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freshman 09-22-2010 06:10 PM

I made this myself and so far, no issues in terms of fogging and related problems. These are the G3 and the headlight chrome reflector was painted black. The projector has a white halo/angel eyes that can be tapped to your side marker lights easily. Everything works well. Cut out is great and incoming traffic has no untoward reaction towards the light.

Reason for selling, i have a feeling that people in our neighborhood will one day just try to snatch the lights and will cost more trouble. I park my truck in a public/ open parking lot and takes the bus halfway to work.

I just want my money back -$225 plus shipping. Shipping will be $25 to Canada and $35 to the USA.

Included will be 2 retrofitted headlights (OEM used) with free HID bulb (6000k); wiring harness to connect to any factory or aftermarket ballast (not included since somebody wants it locally and was not really included on the G3 kit originally), control module relay for the angel eyes.

Looks really neat, very easy to install. Wiring took me 30 minutes to tap into power supply.


Lights Working pics will be up soon.

SlimDigg 09-22-2010 06:42 PM

omg why can't these be morimoto minis?

can you post close up pics?

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