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CaptMorgan 12-27-2010 10:11 AM

TRD Sport Wheels - 8x BFG A/T 285/70/17 - Phx
Looking to sell my TRD Sport wheels with a set of 285/70's. Tires are used but still have some miles on them, enough to hold you over for a bit .One tire is mounted already and you can pick out the 3 best tires from the group for your set -$400 obo

The remaining 4 tires are similar in condition, little more warn but one has a very slow leak and through that there is some irregular wear that would look like it was from an alignment issue -$100 obo

No shipping, pick up only in the Phoenix area

the one mounted wheel

remaining wheels

These are probably the ones to be sold with the wheels

the 3 you unmounted you can see in this pic are 3 of 4 that would most likely be sold separately, you can see the wear on the tire all the way to the right

another pic of them, 4th tire showing worn tire not

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