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dYL0n 02-14-2011 04:56 PM

FS- bhlm genuine toyota with defect
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Well, im taking offers for these. Since a price is required, ill say $80 plus shipping, ill do the quote just give me your zip.

So i took off my headlights and did the black headlight mod. the paint quality is excellent, but i think i messed the lense up. After a week, fog started forming on the inside, so i automatically thought it was moisture, but it was like a stain in the plastic. So i opened them up again, and did plastic polish and swirl mark remover. Removed most of the stains, but didn't feel like doing both sides again. I'm thinking i put the lense on too fast after paint, and the fumes from the paint messed up the lense. Not sure, never heard of this happening to anyone. But its very fixable.

You can tell what headlight i took open and cleaned, and what one i didnt.

Attachment 88529 Attachment 88530

So now im selling 2 oem bhlm headlights, but you'll need to open them up again and sand down / fix the lense. These would be great for a retro fit or just bhlm with oem parts.

asking $80 obo plus shipping. taking in all offers, they're just taking up space. and i have no use for them.


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