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jerzeyjoe 10-05-2008 06:18 AM

For sale 16" steel wheels from 08
I am selling my 16" steelwheels with tires and TPS. They came off my 08 Tacoma and have about 300 miles on them. Asking $400.00. I live in N.J. I will ship them at your expense. NO LUG NUTS.

GABoy 10-12-2008 08:43 AM

Might want to try selling them on Craigeslist in your local area. Price seems a little high thou!

TicTacOma 10-12-2008 08:59 AM

That's a $100 a position, how is that too high priced? If only I was closer.....have some creative ideas with powder coating in mind.

GABoy 10-12-2008 09:10 AM

Ive seen the 16" steelwheels/tires/TPS with a couple thousands miles on them for sale on craigeslist for $200.00. Seen this price more than once.

TicTacOma 10-12-2008 01:12 PM

He has 300 (THREE HUNDRED) miles on these. Them little rubber whiskers haven't even been scuffed off yet.

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