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jediwaxer 09-23-2011 03:18 PM

Feeler: ONE Icon remote resi FS
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I'm in the process of upgrading to ICON's new "2.0 rebuildable" rear resi that they are now making in-house.

The Icon rear resi set that I have on the truck now has about 10 months of use: The truck is a daily-driver, the shocks only have 4 offroad uses.


Driver-side started to leak and Icon doesn't make this model as of a few months ago, thus only ONE shock will be FS.

FYI, Icon warrantied the failing shock, but charged me "cost" for the other to complete the pair...ya, this seems f'd up, but they originally tried to charge me "cost" for BOTH new shocks!!! Warranty?

New shocks should be coming this weekend, then the good one from the original set will be available. If you have a non-rebuildable Icon rear resi, then this is the thread for you. Also, If you think you're good enough to rebuild the leaking 'non-rebuildable' one, I'll throw that in as well.

Saw these going for $235 each on ORW, asking for $150 OBO, +shipping (from 85295)

Must use paypal unless local.


-Pics are pre-install, 11-5-2010

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