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packfan88 10-14-2011 09:08 PM

For sale: for trade: one DUNLOP oem tire 245/75/16
I bought new tires and junked the other 4, but this was my spare. I used it twice when i had two seperate flats.

Its a very nice tires and can be put right on. No holes patches or anything like that. It still has some of those rubber nobby things like all new tires.

When i had my original front tire on it got its second flat. So instead or repairing it or buying just one new one, I bought new rims and new tires all the way around. So in the time from when i got the second flat til i bought the new tires was approx a month. So i drove on this spare tire for a month (no way more 1,000 miles). Therefore I can nto say its a new tire. It is in fantastic shape and if i was in the market for ONE tire i woudl buy this in a heart beat.

So, if any of you need one tire let me know. I prefer someone local, cause I have no idea about shipping this tire or if it would even be worth it.

So to someone local, if you need a tire come by (NJ 07003) or i can mee tyou within a reasonable distance and give me enough cash to get myself and my nephew a cheeseburger and a float down at the A&W. Say $25.
New this is a $110 + shipping.

I am willing to trade if you have anything useful worth between $20-$30

tire by PackFan88, on Flickr

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