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RedOctober 12-09-2011 09:13 AM

WTB (or trade)- Scopped hood, JBL, rim, tail lights..
Got some cash, looking to do some mods. Thought I would see if anyone has some spare parts lying around or wanted to trade for what I'll be taking off my truck.

1. '09 or newer LED taillights. Ill b willing to trade mine and some cash or buy yours outright. Plus if they are already smoked.

2. Scooped hood. I'll need a speedway blue one. Much rather do a trade here but willing to deal.

3. Fed up with my iTrip...so I would like a JBL '09+ radio....single or 6 disc is ok I don't care. I'm a little nervous about this cuz I don't know if the plugs are the same..but I also don't like the soldering mod and want to upgrade the sound. If you have the JBL speakers you don't want I'll discuss those too!!

4. Single TRD OR Rim in decent shape. Just built a custom tire rack and hate the steelie spare.

5-Satoshi grill in matching Speedway Blue color; mesh pattern doesn't matter. Figure this is a long shot, but don't want to spend $325 on Homers custom ones...yet.

6. Tires- looking for new or slightly used BFG ATs, Wrangler Duratracs, BFG MTs, or the like. Hate my Yokohamas....HATE them.

Let me know!!! Thanks!!

Jerez 12-09-2011 09:16 AM

nice list!!!

but on the jbl radio, it has different plugs :( sorry man

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