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hutch606 05-09-2012 08:30 PM

WTB / trade (?) for DCLB
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Hey, I have a 2005 Access Cab 4wd 4cyl/5speed @ 121k; it runs great.

However...I could use more space for the yout's and would love to buy or trade for a 4wd DCLB in the Kansas City-ish area (Wichita KS). I'm hoping to spend +/-$18k, no bright red or bright blue. It won't be a trailer queen, it's a truck. So, as long as it's solid, you're honest, and price is right, I'm interested.

PS--that said, I just drove 90 minutes to listen to somebody outright lkie about bodywork & wrecks. Obviously, unless it was VERY well done, it's pretty easy to spot body work. And the 'huh...if it happened it's news to me' realizing that they're the original owner....well, that dog don't hunt.

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