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TacoDawgfan 02-20-2013 06:59 PM

Dodge/Chrysler OEM Stereo/CD player for sale
This has been packed up for a while and kinda forgot about it. Stereo came out of my previous truck, 05 Dodge Ram less than a month after buying the truck brand new for an aftermarket and has been in storage ever since so it's like brand new. Not sure what all years, makes, or models this will fit? Just figured I'd throw it up on here to see if any interest. Would like to sell local first if possible.

I do not have a wire harness for this unit. It was pulled out of the truck that is now gone when traded for my Tacoma. So anyone wanting this either needs a harness to fit or the correct Dodge/Chrysler vehicle that has the harness in it. Not sure what all vehicles that would be but I am pretty sure it will fit 2003-2005 Rams, aside from that I'm not sure.

Model number P05091506AE

Asking $30.


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