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SxDx 03-29-2013 09:21 PM

WTT 17" sport for 16" offroad wheels
EDIT= Can a mod please move this to 2nd Gen. THANKS.

Hey whats up, as the title states...been liking the look of the offroad wheels lately and before I actually purchase a set i thought i'd ask here if anyone was interested in trading theirs for my 17" sport wheels. My truck is a 2011 and the wheels are in great condition.
My wheels have 285-70-17 Duratracs on them, so if yours have 285's that would be great as well.
I know its a long shot to get the perfect swap but im in no rush so let me know if you come across this and want to trade.
Located in South TX RGV but travel to San Antonio often.

Heres a quick pic I took off another thread I posted in.


SxDx 04-06-2013 11:45 PM

Can someone suggest a fair price if I were to sell my setup.
I found a set of offroad wheels local so Im thinking of just selling mine straight out since i'll have to buy tires for 16"s now.
I got them mounted brand new on 2-24-2012 at Discount Tire, i'll try to get a good picture of the tread.

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