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Bobbb 07-11-2013 04:19 PM

Maggiolina RTT For Sale
- SOLD! - 20 JUL - SOLD! -

Howdy. I've decided I'm not getting any younger and want more comfort (laziness) in my life. As such, I've decided to trade up to a Tundra for more room and more comfy ride. I've also figured that I'll move up to a trailer as well for camping. So to make a long story longer, I'm selling my RTT. Here's what I've got-

Autohome Maggiolina Airland (small) plus changing room plus awning-


The tent comes from the factory with 3" foam mattress, two pillows, ladder (tall 4x4), 12V dome light, crank handle; plus I'm including a 3" memory foam topper, spare crank handle, Harken ceiling lift and a 12V gel cell that I use for the dome light.

Mattress topper. I've always kept a sheet over this then put my sleeping bag on top of that-


Factory (hard) mattress-


Factory pillows (I always used one from home) and dome light. Light has a 12 or 15 ft cord which you can run out of the tent to plug into the truck or whatever, I just gave it alligator clips and stick a small batt inside the tent-


There are no rips or tears and all windows/doors/zippers work flawlessly-


Better awning pic-


Changing room and awning can each be mounted on either side of tent-


Airland is their most aerodynamic tent and has virtually no difference on my MPG when hauling it (lousy with/lousy without)-


Ceiling lift system-


I purchased this tent in 2011 and have used it approx 10-12 times, the longest of which was a two-week run last summer. Save for some slight scraping on top of the case (gelcoat only--no structural damage) where I mis-judged my height when entering the garage, and some pine tar on the changing room skirt the whole setup is in excellent condition.

All told, the various pieces/parts come up to over $3400 new. I'm asking $2500 OBO

If interested or have any questions, just toss me a PM. The tent is currently located in the greater Reno, Nevada area and I can make arrangements to meet up with someone, but am offering a firm discount if you're willing to come to this area to pick up. Due to its size, this is probably not a real viable item cost-wise to ship. I have listed it locally and am now tossing it out to the rest of TW in case someone is interested and passing through. Thanks!

Bobbb 07-13-2013 02:56 PM

Two-day bump. For anyone that may not be aware, Autohome tents are manufactured in Italy and not China (I believe the only ones that aren't). They invented the original rooftop tent in 1958 and have been making them there ever since. Most other RTTs have been designed as knock-offs of Autohome's stuff. Their quality is industry-leading and properly cared for, this tent should last for decades.

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