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tacos89 04-04-2009 03:46 PM

CHROME 15 tacoma rims w/ BFG 31's AT
they came off my 98 tacoma prerunner
they are 15 rim with 6 lugs
tires are bfg AT 31 and 2 have 40 percent tread even
and other 2 have uneven wear (pretty much bald)

i want to let theses go asap
and i rather deal with people locally (SO CAL)
but if you want them shipped i will but it will cost you
so just offer up
but since i have to put a price i will say 300 OBO http://customtacos.com/forum/images/...w/clapping.gif


tacos89 04-05-2009 08:09 AM


tacos89 06-13-2009 11:06 PM

back up

might buy some new ones this weekend

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