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sbeau1960 04-07-2009 08:21 PM

Stock Airbox?
I'm just curious, so far everything I've posted for sale has disappeared almost immediately, thank you TW members! Well except for my '94 4x4, but it has several interested parties thinking about it.

So, anybody have any use for a stock airbox? Not sure why you'd need one, maybe to do some crazy home experimental mod? Not even sure I want to get rid of it, maybe I'll want to put it back on someday if I sell the truck, but anybody have use for one?

life11 04-26-2009 09:39 PM


MY50cal 04-26-2009 10:21 PM

Dont mean to thread jack but I would give my stock away. just pay for shipping. I also have the K&N insert for the stock, obviously have no use for it now.

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