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Brunes 04-11-2009 08:03 PM

FS Feeler: Sport OEM Rims w/ Duelers
I'm trying to decide how bad I want to re-shoe my rig. I don't have all the cash I need for it right now but if someone were interested in my rims and tires I might just go for it.

I've got a set of 4 Sport rims w/ center caps. They were all painted with duplicolor satin black paint (3 coats) and will be touched up before sale (or I can change the color if you'd like). They are static balanced with all weights on the inside (right now)

They have the stock Dueler tires still mounted. Approx 10K miles on the tires. No damage, minor mud stains and offroad rub marks.

I will ship at your expense...or local pick up/meet up for transfer.

Any interest??


FL Forester 04-12-2009 07:57 AM

How much $$$$?

Brunes 04-12-2009 08:05 AM


Originally Posted by FL Forester (Post 528786)
How much $$$$?

I think in the neighborhood of $650-700....Good tires and well care for rims...but I have no idea....I'm open to talking about it.

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