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stikkimikki87 05-17-2009 09:11 AM

Feeler: 2002 Ext Cab SAS, S/C, 37s, etc
Well, i am still kind of sitting on the fence about this but part of me wants to start over. I either want to build a f250 or a new body style tacoma. I would consider trades on 05+ 4 door trucks possibly (stock or not). I dont want to sell it for less than $19,500. Here we go on the mods list:


3.4 with 2nd gen supercharger (20k ish miles)
Motor has 94k miles on it
URD 7th kit installed
URD short shifter
Centerforce dual friction clutch (30k ish miles)
K&N air intake
Just changed the spark plugs yesterday (Denso IK22s, $9 a piece)
Wideband installed in the exhaust for tuning

I think thats about all for performance, it runs really good. The ONLY problem i have with it right now is that half the time when it sits over night, you try to crank it and it dies on the first crank because it sounds flooded almost. But when you crank it up the second time it fires right up and purrs like a kitten. I dont know if its a crank sensor or MAF problem or Idle Air Controller or what. Honestly, I decided not to mess with it since the truck runs great and its not a huge issue. Once its hot though, it will crank up immediately. Sort of a weird problem... That reminds me, the second cat was removed and its got a cherry bomb muffler. So if you are an emission state that might be another issue.


Dana 44 SAS
Chromo Axle shafts (Yukon)
Front Spool (Yukon, probably want to upgrade to something selectable)
Brakes, Balljoints, Tie Rod ends (1 ton steering) and all of that were bought new with the SAS (about 10k miles ago, they dont need to be replaced)
Steering box bought new (Scout box)
Waggy 4" lift springs up front, couple leaves removed
ARB diff cover
Bilstein 7100 shocks (about a month old)
Front Ballistic Frame Plates

Toyota Elocker rear
Rear Demello Frame Plates
both have 5.29 gears
Alcan custom rear springs (8" lift, couple removed)
ProComp Resi shocks (about a year old)
Honestly, the ride quality would be better with a stiffer shock on the back but i havent gotten around to that yet

37x13.50r18 Pro Comp XATs (20k miles, still looking good)
18x10 Poison Spider Beadlocks

probably a lot more stuff but i cant think of it now.

Sound System

Alpine Indash
MB quart speakers all around
Excellent sound quality

Has spray painted Glassworks for now, they are getting painted to match in a week or two though. I will do that before i sell it if anyone does want to buy it. I have the PPG paint and all already so its no issue. ARB bumper on the front with Smittybuilt 8k lb winch with amsteel blue line.

I think im out of steam on typing here, theres probably some stuff left off. The truck was in a wreck along time ago, dented up the bumper and pass fender. Thats why it has glass on it now. I can show you the pictures of that if you are really interested. I only got a check for 1800, and 900 of that was to buy a new ARB so that tells you it wasnt too bad. But i can show you the pictures.

If you have any questions then i can answer them. Thanks for looking! I can add pictures of anything you want just let me know....


stikkimikki87 05-19-2009 10:25 PM

bump....just for the hell of it

MiikeyD 05-19-2009 10:30 PM

:headbang:wow nice rig

Rippin101 05-19-2009 10:58 PM

Ya unbelievable rig! Bump for a great lookin/performance truck!! GL with sale bro :D

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