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jcap311 06-06-2009 05:53 AM

tonneau cover
tonneau cover snaps good condition had it on my 01 tacoma dbl cab just got a cap for it so dont need this. can post pics if instrestead 135 shiped or pick up check or m/o
thanks for looking

MUDFISH 06-06-2009 06:24 AM


You should only be posting in here if you're selling something specific, or looking to buy something specific (secondhand). If you have general questions about what to buy, or what kind of part you need, those belong in the appropriate forum, not in Buy / Sell / Trade.

1. The subject-line of your post must be a description/name of what you're selling
2. You must include a price for the item. If you aren't sure, put down a number and add "OBO" after it (Or Best Offer)
3. You must include a picture of the item you're selling. It can be attached to the post, or embedded from other sites, such as photobucket
4. For local-pickup or regional sales, you must include your city in the post [new]
5. If you are selling the item on ebay, you may link to the ebay auction from your post (you must still include a picture in the post)
6. When the item you're selling is no longer for sale, please indicate so by replying to your sales thread. This helps avoid confusion among people seeing your post.

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