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Rich Beauregard 09-24-2009 08:05 AM

WTB: 1/2" lift Spacers for my 06
Wanted to know if anyone out there is selling a 1/2" Spacer to lift my front another 3/4" - 1" for my 2006 Tacoma. I know Toytec sells this for around $60.00, but thought someone may be removing thier's and could sell it at a lower price or if thier is another company that sells this for less. I'm at the point of going to my local recycle place and trying to find a sheet of 1/2" thick aluminum to make my own, but the time it takes to do this I hope to find one out there. Please call me at: 814-535-1899 or email me at: beau1148@msn.com Thank you, Rich

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