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budisit 01-22-2008 04:42 PM

FS white grille (brand new) 2008
I have a brand new 2008 grille for sale. White. Mint, perfect condition. No bugs, no chips, perfect condition. Comes off my truck which only has a few hundred miles on it. I plan to put a different grille on it after this one sells.

Make offer.

I'd like to get $150

New ones at the dealer cost $250 plus tax. Mine is brand new mint perfect.


kcwetzel 01-22-2008 09:54 PM

Im interested. Is there a possibility you could put it on ebay and give me the link?

budisit 01-23-2008 07:52 AM

I could put it on eBay but would rather not pay the eBay fees. Also don't really want the hassle.

If you want to check my eBay feedback look up budisit (that's my eBay name). I have an excellent eBay record.

I'm 54 years old. Married 33 years to the same ol gal (ha). Live in the home where I grew up since I was 11 years old. Work next door to my home.

I'm a 'home boy' in the real'est sense of the word. If you're concerned about me being honest. I understand.

Don't be timid. Let me know your concerns if any and I'll work with you any way possible.

If you want to contact me email direct buddy@faulconersigns.com .....I'll give you my personal 411 including cell phone number, wife's cell phone number, work phone, address and such.

For that matter. I could take payment thru my work if you wanted with a credit card. That would give you some assurance in that. If the product turned out to be a hoax...you can call your credit card company and have them take the charges off. Only thing about that is.....it costs me 3% extra to use a credit card thru work. So I'd have to pass that on (sorry).

thanks - - - - BUDDY FAULCONER in Missouri

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