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MarinePhoenix2207 03-03-2010 12:13 PM

F/S 6' trifold bed vinyl bed cover
I'm selling my 6' Folding Vinyl Tonneau Cover from Advantage Truck Accessories for $200. I used it 3 times for short trips but lost my old Taco to a hurricane (the bed cover was safe in my closet during the storm). Anyways, my new Taco is a 5' bed and I bought a new cover for that one. The cover is in good condition with no rips, tears, or stains. I've got all the necessary brackets and installation instructions (no tools req'd). I'd prefer interested buyers be in the Pensacola/Mobile area, but if anyone is that interested out of the area, we can work something out. Also, if you think the price is outrageous, we can talk it over and compare to other covers.

tanktodd 03-03-2010 12:23 PM

pm sent

MarinePhoenix2207 03-13-2010 06:37 AM


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