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k2_02 04-03-2010 06:19 PM

FS: Gaylord X2000 Lid (RR) $700
I'm looking for more speed http://www.xr-underground.com/forum/.../xr-u/w00t.gif and just a change in look so it's time to drop some weight and make an exterior change that I hope I don't regret. The cover is the regular X-2000 (not the Speedstur with the lip) but I have never regretted not getting the Speedstur. There's nothing wrong with the tonneau aside from normal wear and tear on the exterior (mild scuffs mainly around the keyhole but nothing major). I can provide more pics of the top if necessary.


$700 for this lid - keyless entry - carpeted interior - dome light. Sorry guys, I will not ship but if the buyer is within a reasonable distance I'll meet you half way and do the swap. I can have the lid off in 15 minutes. Probably an hour or so to move over all the hinges and hardware.

SoCalBlack08 04-03-2010 09:09 PM

haha u said gaylord :rotfl:

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