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The End 04-26-2010 03:56 PM

18" BBS RW's for sale. Will ship at buyers expense!!!
WILL SHIP AT BUYERS EXPENSE. http://www.tacomaworld.com/gallery/d...livegCfMA8.jpg

No tires, local pick up only. Have some scratches and dings but a decent set of wheels. $800 or best offer. Very flexible.

KPT 04-26-2010 04:11 PM

Bump for a good price. I have these wheels, and they sell for $300 a piece at TRDparts4u.

Mine were pretty dinged up so I painted them black. Potential buyers can check my build thread if they want to see what these would look like black.

Good luck with the sale.

The End 04-26-2010 04:21 PM

Thanks bud.

2blu4u 04-26-2010 04:33 PM

Dang, too bad you do not live closer to Colorado. I would snag those up. Possibly going with a set of 4Runner Sport Rims that are closer to home. ?Very sweet price! Good luck!

The End 04-26-2010 08:18 PM

Thanks. Night bumb.

KPT 04-26-2010 08:35 PM

The End, Hope you don't mind me posting some specs in case people ask.

The rims are 18x9 +10 mm offset. You can run these with 265/65/18's with no rubbing on stock suspension. This gives you the same tire size as the ever-popular 265/75/16's (but looks way cooler).

The End 04-27-2010 05:02 AM

Thanks man.

The End 04-29-2010 05:12 AM


The End 05-09-2010 01:39 PM


Number 18 08-05-2010 10:01 AM

Do you still have them?

The End 08-05-2010 03:51 PM


Number 18 08-06-2010 12:17 PM

How much do you want for them?

Number 18 08-06-2010 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by Number 18 (Post 2037909)
How much do you want for them?

Never mind I just saw it in the original post. Asking $800, correct? How old are they? What make and size tires are on them? Do the tires have much/any tread left? Do you have ant close-up photos to see any curb rash and the "inside" of the rims? I like to keep the "inside" shiny also. Thanks!

The End 08-06-2010 03:15 PM

Sent you a PM.

Number 18 08-06-2010 03:35 PM

I have not received the PM. Wonder what went wrong?

Abes 09-03-2010 11:55 AM

BBS Wheels
Pm sent.

If still available please pm or email me.



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