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MrZoggs 05-24-2010 10:35 AM

2010 TRD Off Road Hood- Mag. Grey
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Hey guys I have a 2010 Trd Offroad with the standard hood. I really wanted a trd sport originally so I think I'm looking to upgrade. Its in perfect condition, no paint chips, dings, dents, tree sap, bugs, nothing. Looks like the dealer just took the tape off it. I keep very good care of my truck, I get the entire truck mini detailed every two weeks. Wash + Wax runs about $90.00. So the hood has been kept up well.

I'm asking for $300.00 for it. A new unpainted hood from the dealer runs about $463.00 so i think this is a fair offer. This is for just the hood. no hardware will be included. I'm also open to trades.. if any one happens to have a relatively new sport hood Mag. Grey then I'd like to see it. I'm willing to drive up to 500 miles for a swap. Im located in Ventura, CA

Here's a pic of it on my truck. If your interested just pm me your # and a good time to call and i"ll get back to you asap. Freight shipping will be on buyers dime, sorry guys.


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