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evan 11-07-2008 12:58 PM

Experience buying aftermarket parts?
To you guys who have bought bumpers, sliders, skid plates, and suspension parts...
-Who did you buy from?
-Were they knowledgeable about shipping options?
-How were they shipped?
-Was the shipping cost reasonable?
-Was there any conflict getting them across the border?

I've ordered lots of smaller parts and car audio equipment but nothing as big as some of these things.

I'm still driving my Yaris but I expect to have my Tacoma ordered next month. :)

bcmedic 11-13-2008 09:18 PM

i didnt buy anything listed there, but ive bought thousands of parts from the states for my civic and my bro's car. we usually call the company and talk to them. the best way to get around paying duty and taxes is to ask them if they are willing to check off "commercial product samples" on whatever you buy. if the item is small enough in cost <$1000 it just slides right thru customs and they never look into it.

living in vancouver i also have the benefit to sending things to a PO box i have just south of the border and bringing it over mysellf, that way i save on shipping internationally and custom broker fees.

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