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Sido 11-01-2013 10:57 PM

Duck hunting in BC- worth it for a trip?
My best friend lives in Vancouver, and we try and meet every year. Normally we ride around on the skytrain, go to the funky winkerbean and run up a high tab drinking Molson Canadian, and spend the rest of the night talking about Harper, the great taser incident at Vancouver airport, and the ambitions of the wildrose party in Alberta.

We were making plans for a trip this year, and he suggested we try duck hunting instead. The long of the short is this man is not exactly an outdoorsman. He is probably the greatest indoorsman you will ever meet.

If i do come up, it will be early/ mid December for a few days. Are there any good areas near Vancouver to hunt? Places you can rent a boat? Is it better on the island?

Would it be worth it?

If I don't come up to BC I'll have him come down here and we will go camping and hunt some feral hogs in New Mexico (no tags or license required), or do a camping trip through northern Mexico.

VanCity4x 11-02-2013 12:58 PM

Best local place would be Delta on the dyke around Boundary Bay. Duck hunting here is more difficult. It's not easy to hit them, they usually fly pretty high. I don't think there's any guided hunts around here either, ive never seen any. Maybe up in the interior.

For hunting there you need gun/hunting licence, tags, bcwf insurance for in the city and your shotgun. Licenses here are different then the states, take tests and wait 3+ months for approval. I don't know much about the non resident stuff but you would need to find a licensed guide, I don't think there's many around and I'm sure they will cost big $$$

If you want to do something up here and don't mind paying hit up a fishing lodge, some of the best in the world.

TotalBrutal 11-02-2013 01:17 PM

Duck hunting on the island is dismal at best, at least what From what I've seen. As mentioned you would probably have better luck in the interior. I know I haven't shot any ducks since moving to BC from Ontario, it was stupid easy there.

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