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ToyComa92 05-17-2013 07:09 PM

All about Colorado.
I made this thread to recognize some of the great places around Colorado and to let people know where to go for good service and find exactly what they are looking for.


Twin Peaks- 4/5. Cute girls, good food+beer.
Cherry Cricket- 5/5 Excellent burgers! Very popular place.
The Castle- 3.9/5. Good service

Things to do with Friends:

Indoor Skydiving- 5/5 Definitely a fun thing to do.
Paintball arena- 4/5 Hurts and you get dirty but a good venting place.

Things to do with your Date/Gf/Bf/Husband/Wife:

Imax- Depends on feature.

Auto Repair:

Precision Import Repair- 5/5 Great Service!
Stevinson Toyota- (jace-Lotsoftoys) 5/5 Best dealership in greater denver area.
Master Tech Jake(GoHigher)-5/5 Recommended by BlackTacoma23
Mile High 4x4- 4/5, Lots of stuff but booked for work constantly
Five R trucks- 5/5 Helpful people and some badass trucks
BDM Exhaust- 4/5 Brian does excelent work, Busy alot though
IDS Window Tint- 5/5 Howie can tint anything from a civic to a lambo.


Strip Clubs:

Kid Friendly Places:

ToyComa92 05-18-2013 02:22 PM

Went ahead and threw up the Cherry Cricket to the list, I know you guys got more!!!

Blacktacoma23 05-18-2013 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by ToyComa92 (Post 6906993)
Master Tech Jake(GoHigher)-5/5 Recommended by BlackTacoma23


ToyComa92 05-18-2013 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by Blacktacoma23 (Post 6907035)

No problem let me know if theres any other places you can recommend.

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