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TacticalBacon13 12-04-2012 08:57 AM

Shining monkey detailing products 10% off
well i recently became a sales ambassador for shining monkey car care products and they are extending me a special code for everyone to use to get 10% off their products.

use code:ballhard123

a little bit about shining monkey:

" Shining Monkey was created with the intention of providing the absolute best Car Care products available. If we can't create the best product in a specific category, we just won't offer it to you. Being "as good as" or "just like" is not an option for us. No hype, no false claims, no promises of restoring that 30 year old paint job to "Showroom Condition.""


they also have a try it before you buy it program, they send you the product for ten days and if you dont like it you send it back and they charge you nothing!

Ken Block 360 Matte Paint & Vinyl Wrap Detailer

Cleans & Protects Matte Paint Finishes & Vinyl Wraps. Won't darken, discolor, stain, or streak the surface.

$18.99 USD

Ken Block Rally Shine

Back to Black Satin Shine Repels Water!! NO SLING - NO FLING!! Amazing Scent Spray & Go!!

$12.99 USD

Clean and Repair Polish

Saves you time !! No Need to Wait for Drying or Hazing!! Immediately bonds to paint surface !!

$13.99 USD

Color Enhance Glaze

Color Enhance Treatment Use on Dull or Faded Paint! Restores Color and Depthness! Super Rich Gloss and Color Results!!

$13.99 USD

Seal and Protect Wax

Saves you Time!! No Need to wait for Drying or Hazing!!! Immediately bonds to paint surface!!

$14.99 USD

Show and Shine Quick Detailer

Shine your ride in 60 seconds! No streaking, even on glass! Amazing results faster than ever before!!

$12.99 USD

Essentials Wheel Car Kit

Everything you need to make your wheels stand out! Save some cash with this value pack!

$39.99 USD

No- Spit Tire Shine Dressing

The original, non-spitting, long lasting shine, no mess, spray and go!

$8.99 USD

Car Wash and Wax Shampoo

Wash and Wax Treatment

$6.99 USD

D-Spec Metal Polish Pad

Safe on All Metal Surfaces! Super Fast and Easy to Use! Solution and Applicator All in One!! Restores to a Brilliant Bright Shine!!

$19.99 USD

Elastic Poly Clay Bar

Shining Monkey Elastic Poly Clay Bar is a long-lasting, reusable, synthetic detailing clay bar that will leave your vehicle smooth, shiny, and unbelievably clean.

$24.99 USD

Fabric Protector

Easy to use, heavy duty protection, dries odor-free, longer lasting, great for fine leather, safe for all fabrics!

$16.99 USD

Shining Monkey Sticker

Shining Monkey (character) sticker

$5.00 USD

Shining Monkey Air Freshener

Shining Monkey Air Freshener

$2.50 USD

TacticalBacon13 12-05-2012 07:34 AM

any questions feel free to pm me

TacticalBacon13 12-07-2012 07:15 AM

if you do order let me know!

TacticalBacon13 12-13-2012 08:46 AM


TacticalBacon13 06-03-2013 08:57 AM


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