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Backpack Guy 04-25-2013 07:16 PM

Rigid Industries, PUTCO, N-FAB Sliders Check out my prices!
Hello Tacoma World!

Send Me PM's!
and Email address's for a quicker responce
Here is what I got...

Local Pickups only please..... Deer Park, NY 11729 (Long Island, EAST COAST DEALS!!)

... Sorry no shipping at this time..
and buyer pays pay pal fees.

6" SR-Series Driving, $220

30" SR-Series Spot/Flood Combo, $600.00

20" SR-Series Spot/Flood Combo, $400.00

Pair of SR-QF 60 Lens White Diffused, $250.00
**Note select pair option and add to care to see retail price

Putco LED Dome and two Map light kit, LIFETIME WARRENTY, $40.00

N-FAB Rock Rails, $390.00

Thank you for looking!

Backpack Guy 04-28-2013 08:09 PM

Bump, just opening my shop prices to the Tacomaworld

xaqori 04-28-2013 08:14 PM

I like the deals but live in Georgia...plus not really ever wanting to go to NY so the no shipping kinda kills it for me :o

robbytaco 04-30-2013 06:03 AM


Backpack Guy 05-16-2013 08:27 PM


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