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JeanClaude 03-21-2013 06:22 PM

Follow up video review: Opti-Glass PRO vs Flyby30 glass coatings -2 months in
Bringing you another video update on how Opti-Glass PRO and Flyby30 are hanging in there.
Prior to videoing the windshield, I cleaned both sides with the same glass cleaner and microfiber towel.

I've not cleaned the windshield since the last time I made a video. As far as ease of cleaning, I would have to say that both products make a huge impact in how much easier the windshield is to clean than before coating it.

Both products are acting as they did a week after applying. The Opti-Glass PRO beads and the Flyby30 sheets. Both work well at repelling water, differently.

One area I have seen a difference, is how they perform while dirty. As I noted, the windshield has not been cleaned in quite some time. The OGP does not appear to be impacted as much as the flyby30 when REALLY dirty. To outline exactly what I am saying, let me make it clear that I've not been using my wipers much at all. Since applying the coatings those wipers have probably swiped all of 20 times. I am trying to get a feel for how the products perform while clean and while dirty. Wipers provide that relatively dirt-free surface. No the glass has not been formally cleaned, but the wipers allow both products to act like new after the wipers stroke a few times. That is what I am speaking about while in context of dirty/clean performance in this paragraph.

I've been happy with both. Again, they are different animals. FB3 can be applied in a couple minutes with no fear of a screw up and cost a few bucks to apply. OCP is expensive, you fear a mistake more-so than OCP but performs very well.

Feel free to leave your own feedback on either product.


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