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B737 06-04-2013 01:27 PM

Tuf Shine review
the short.
Wouldnt use on tacoma, but for those of you with sports cars or low profile tires on your other vehicles, yes i would use.

this stuff requires WORK. its pretty annoying actually. you have to clean all the silicone based dressing off the tires first with the scrub brush and spray. this will typically take at least 6 applications of scrubbing and washing until the foam is white. once thats done, clean your car then apply the tuf shine.

i used this on my Tacoma first and it required about half the bottle of cleaner to do the initial cleaning of the tires. ouch. it took a long time. i applied two coats of the tuf shine. I took the truck on a week long 1000 mile drive. the tires looked identical to the way they looked when i applied it a week earlier after the trip. The shine dries glossy but its totally dry to the touch, it doesnt come off on your fingers or clothing. It does not fly off or come off in water. i even washed the truck (without scrubbing the tires) and the tuf shine was still on. stuff wont stick to the dressing like pollen, sand or dirt ect...

all that said, its too much work for my tacoma DD, but i will use it on my other vehicle with its low profile tires. undecided, if id buy the entire kit again. it is pretty cool that it does not fade or come off, even after a 1000 mile drive.


lyodbraun 06-05-2013 05:30 PM

Very,nice write up i thought about trying that but after reading your review think I'll pass,LOL

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