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Desert Drifter 10-07-2012 09:55 AM

Great Support from DSMS
Let me tell you about some great support from DownSouth Motorsports. I am just you average Joe who called DownSouth Motorsports a while back to ask about what suspension might best suit my needs (desert trail driving with some rocky stuff and some speed when possible) for my 2012 Tacoma 4x4. Sonny there suggested the ICON extended travel coilovers up front and ICON rear RR shocks plus ICON add a leaf pack for the rear. He offered very reasonable prices and I got the Camburg ubiball UCA for the front as well.

So yesterday a buddy and I decide to tackle the job and discover that the long pivot bolt that the UCA pivots on cannot be removed because it is inline with the sheet metal inner fender. This is Saturday morning and I phoned Camburg, they are closed Saturday. So I call DownSouth, and they are closed saturday too but I left a message that I needed help and please call back. Meanwhile I searched TacomaWorld for help and did not find anything reall helpful in 20-30 minutes, but a Google search did come up with an answer that you have to cut the inner fender a bit, and bend the sheetmetal out and then drive/pull the 10" long pivot bolt out from under the hood. Totota said that to replace the UCA and/or the pivot bolt the proper process is to lift the body off the frame!!

Just as I got into the fender well with a cut-off disc I got a call back from Sonny at Down South Motor Sports, He said yes, this step is a bit involved but a single small cut can allow the bolt to be pulled out, the UCA replaced with the new ones. This was very reassuring and with this tip we got the job done in a few hours.

The instructions with the ICON coil-overs made this task pretty straight forward, same with the Camburg UCA's. We were impressed with the high quality hardware with the Camburg arms, and everything fit well.

But I was truly happy with DSMS and lucky that Sonny had stopped by his shop and taken the time to listen to my message and then call me back on a day he was not there to work. This is the kind of support that goes beyond the value of good prices and fast talk.

KenLyns 10-07-2012 10:03 AM

Glad to hear DSM offers great service. :thumbsup:

Often cutting is not required, just a pair of channel-locks wrapped in tape. The spot is hidden by the rubber splashguards once everything is put back together.
This thread, by the way, is stickied in the "Suspension" section of TW.

Me? I cut the bolt head in-situ with a small hacksaw - spent maybe extra 40 min per side this way.

BulletToothTony 10-07-2012 10:04 AM

DSM is awesome, they've rebuilt one set of my coilovers and helped me out alot. He's also gonna be rebuilding my new coilovers in a week or so.... Sonny rocks :thumbsup:

tacoftw 10-08-2012 08:41 AM

just called this morning to order my camburg arms! im already liking DSM too!

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