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Engage Offroad 02-02-2013 01:02 PM

Engage 05+ Fiberglass Bedsides
OK Guys heres the New Product Release for Engage Off Road, FiberGlass Bedsides for 05+ Toyota Tacomas Short Bed, 6" Bulge with a 2" Rise to clear 35" tires, Keeps the Gas Door and Ulitizes the OEM Tail Lights, List Price is $599.00, the Introductory Price is $539.10 plus applicable sales tax, we have plenty in stock, give us a call 909-238-6788 or email us engageoffroad@gmail.com , local pick up or shipping available....and dont forget we also have Front Fiberglass Fenders Available also....Engage


Engage Offroad 02-18-2013 11:27 AM

Tired of having your OEM Tail Lights fall out on the trail, here is the solution!!! Now Offering our EngageOffRoad 05+ Tacoma Short Bed Fiberglass Bedsides with the Tail Light area glassed in to accept LED Lights, we can also glass in the Gas door for anyone running a fuel cell. Stop spending $$$ on replacement lights when you know their just gonna fall right out again.....List price $699.00 but all TW members get 5% OFF List Pricing....Engage 909-238-6788 engageoffroad@gmail.com




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